Drone delivers insider intel at Secured Mail

Drone delivers insider intel at Secured Mail

The company’s performance under ‘friendly fire’ from the airborne camera shots is now the subject of a sneak preview video. The footage reveals the scale of operations, and records the latest sorting technology, which processes more than 500 million items of mail every year.

James Wilkins, Operations Director at this, the UK’s fastest-growing postal and packets operator, commented: “Customers are often interested in seeing for themselves the kind of technology we use in action to process their mail.

“At Secured Mail, we invest heavily in our technology and bespoke-designed intelligent sorting systems. This drone video gives people instant access to the slick operation and the sort of cutting edge technology we have in place.”

Secured Mail, which will celebrate 10 years in business next year, recently became part of The Delivery Group, which also incorporates managed mail provider CMS.

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZhFyepJ7Bw to take your flight with Secured Mail.