2 Day Fulfilment

Our Professional 2-Day Fulfilment Services

One of the features of any online retail service that vastly improves customer experience is fast shipping options. It’s why Amazon Prime remains such a popular service across the world.

It’s also why we aim to offer our own customers 2-day fulfilment services as part of our work as a third-party fulfilment company, whether their orders are being shipped across the UK, mainland Europe, or the wider world. 

By working with us and choosing our services, you will be charged a bespoke rate for the fast, professional packing and shipping process that you need and that your own customers are expecting. This may be per hour, or per unit or pallet sent, and the provider chosen will tally the costs for certain services. These include:

  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Picking and packing
  • Shipping
  • Kitting or bundling
  • Returns
  • Custom packaging
  • Gift services
  • Setup

To learn more about the different types of fulfilment services that we offer, please take a look at our page. Alternatively, if you’d like to get started with setting up fulfilment for customer purchases through our expert service, contact us today.

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What is 2-Day Fulfilment?

Order fulfilment is the entire process of a transaction, from the moment a customer purchases a product from you online to the time it’s delivered to their doorstep. 2-day fulfilment is when this happens within a span of 2 days (which may be working days or simply days in general). 

To make sure the service is successful each time, it’s often necessary to outsource order fulfilment to third-party fulfilment companies. This is part of what we’ll do for you here at The Delivery Group; when you come to us for 2-day fulfilment services, we will complete a number of the order steps on your behalf, from receiving, processing, and picking the online order to packing it and shipping it to your customer.

Our 2-Day Fulfilment Process


Within a fulfilment centre, there are several vital operational activities that have to take place if we are to assist our customers. This is especially important for online retailers looking for eCommerce fulfilment with a fast turnaround:


If your chosen fulfilment centre does not have your inventory, they won’t be able to ship your orders. Ensuring your chosen centre has your inventory should be your greatest priority if you’ve got an online store and customers who want their items the very next day. This should also take place before we start fulfilling your orders for you, otherwise you’re likely to receive complaints from customers who have yet to receive their purchases.

Receiving is the step in which we accept your inventory, before appropriately and efficiently storing each item so it’s ready for shipping out to a paying customer. At this time, we will also ask you to fill out a warehouse receiving order. This helps us to know which products, and how many, we will be receiving at our warehouse so that we can complete inventory management quickly and efficiently. Completing this step to the highest possible standards allows us to get your orders shipped out exactly on time.

a customer preparing to return a parcel for a refund
a fulfilment centre worker scanning parcels as part of delivery process


The 2-day fulfilment process will actually begin as soon as your customer has placed an order. Unlike other fulfilment centres, which will often ask you to manually upload orders to their system, you can fully integrate your online store and automatically push your orders through to our system with our service.

Our fulfilment software allows you to check on your orders, shipments, inventory levels, and more, all in one place. This cuts the time it would take to do the more menial tasks involved in running your online business, leaving you with more time to do the things that will help it grow.

Once we have received your order, it will be assigned to either a warehouse picking team or a sole picker, depending on the size of the order itself. The employees working on it will receive a list of the items, quantities, and storage locations within our facility so that the items can be collected as quickly as possible.


When the items chosen for an order have been picked, they will be packed up safely and securely for same-day shipping and arrival in their best possible condition. To keep this part of the process as cost-effective for you as possible, all plain and standard packing materials, such as brown boxes, white poly bags, and packing tape, will all be included as a part of our service. 

We provide the highest quality packing materials to ensure your products arrive just as the purchaser needs them, all while ensuring they also achieve the lowest practical dimensional weight. This keeps shipping costs as low as possible, making the service even better for your budget than it would have been if we’d simply included packing materials in the costs.

If your business has its own branding, it is also possible for us to ship your items in any custom packing materials you already have. However, this will come at an additional cost, which can be discussed with your account manager before we start to fulfil orders for you.

warehouse packing operations with a worker packing a parcel with a tape gun
TDG Truck


When the moment comes to ship your order, we will compare shipping costs from a wide range of carriers to ensure you’re receiving the best deal and your customers receive their items at the shipping speed they’re expecting.

We will choose between carriers such as DHL, UPS, and the Royal Mail to ship out your items, and as soon as the order is on its way to your customer you will automatically receive the tracking information. This can then be forwarded to the purchaser, so they can keep an eye on how close their item is to arriving.

Why You Should Outsource 2-Day Fulfilment


At the very start of your business, it’s likely that you’ll begin by fulfilling all of your orders yourself because you will have time to do it. As your business begins to grow in popularity, however, you will become more in demand and should find that time becomes more of an issue. This becomes a problem if your customers are expecting next-day delivery services and fast shipping speeds when you haven’t expanded enough, as you may have to pick, pack, and ship every item yourself when this isn’t feasible. 

By working with a third party fulfilment company on 2-day fulfilment services, this takes all the worry of everything we’ve mentioned above off your hands. All you will need to do is provide us with your inventory, see that your orders have been pushed through when they come in, and our team will handle the rest.

Our Regional Services

If you’re looking to expand your business across the UK and Europe, or even further afield globally, we can also assist you with this. As part of our international fulfilment services, we can help set up your inventory and stock in a more local warehouse to the customer base you want to target, so you can provide faster delivery speeds no matter where the order needs to go.

a delivery driver fulfiling eCommerce orders in his van


Contact The Delivery Group for Fast and Efficient Fulfilment Services


We’re ready and waiting to offer 2-day fulfilment services that are tailored to your needs and the needs of your business. If you’ve reached the stage where your customers are expecting the fastest service possible, we will have the quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution that sees both you and them happy.

With minimal storage fees and an expert team on hand to keep every part of the process streamlined and hassle-free, you are guaranteed the service you’re looking for. Contact The Delivery Group for a bespoke quote on 2-day fulfilment and set up a service that ships your items throughout the UK and across the world today.