Alcohol Fulfilment Services – Everything you Need to Know

In order to make the often paperwork-filled and time-consuming process of in-house alcohol fulfilment easier and more cost-effective than ever, outsourcing your fulfilment to The Delivery Group will ensure that the entire process is hassle-free. 

As you’re probably aware, the business of producing, selling, and distributing alcohol requires certain licences in order to remain lawful. If you perform business to business alcohol distribution, meaning you sell to retailers, pubs, and restaurants, the business you’re selling to legally has to be licenced for the selling and storage of alcohol. 

Selling and distributing alcohol to end customers, business to customer, will require a premise licence, as well as an appointed person with a personal licence to serve alcohol.

The acquisition of these licences can end up being costly and massively time-consuming as this process involves the displaying of notices for up to 30 days in order to give those living in the local area the opportunity to object to a licence being applied for.

Luckily for you, outsourcing alcohol fulfilment to The Delivery Group means that you don’t need to worry about these licences. Our warehouses and alcohol fulfilment centres located around the UK are fully licenced to hold alcohol on the premises, and our managing directors hold personal licences so that distribution can be completed.

Do you require the assistance of a quality alcohol fulfilment service that will enable you to grow out of in-house fulfilment and expand into the world? Get in touch with The Delivery Group today.

How can The Delivery Group Make Alcohol Fulfilment Happen?

Here at The Delivery Group, we help online alcohol retailers grow their business and their customer base exponentially. With the use of fulfilment centres located across the UK, and with multiple locations across the globe, we can take care of your fulfilment needs from our network of fulfilment centres allowing you to expand your reach domestically, and internationally. 

Benefits of choosing The Delivery Group include: 

  • Fast, and efficient integration and onboarding
  • Careful storage of your products 
  • Quality picking, packing, and shipping of orders
  • Courier services worldwide
  • Efficient inventory management systems

If you’re in need of effective alcohol fulfilment services, get in touch with The Delivery Group. Our experts will enable your business to grow faster than ever with the help of our global network of fulfilment centres. Contact us today.

What Alcohol Licences do I Need to Complete Alcohol Fulfilment?

As stated above, it is a legal requirement to have specific alcohol licences depending on where your alcohol will be sold. Outsourcing your alcohol fulfilment to The Delivery Group will mean that you don’t need to worry about obtaining these licences, unless you decide to complete in-house fulfilment by yourself. 

Below is a guide on what alcohol licences are required for which scenario, and how to obtain them. 

Personal Alcohol Licence

Prior to selling alcoholic products online, a personal licence is required. Designed to ensure that anybody running or managing a business that sells or supplies alcohol is guaranteed to do so in a professional fashion. 

If it is found that the terms of this licence are violated at any point, it will result in the licence being suspended and taken away. 

In order to obtain a personal alcohol licence of your own for your business, you must be aged 18 years or older, and hold a licencing qualification relevant to the licence. You can find a list of accredited personal licence qualification providers via the UK government website, here.

In order to prevent getting in trouble with the law, we highly recommend reading the guide to alcohol licencing on the link above. After receiving confirmation that you have obtained this qualification, you can submit an application form for your personal alcohol licence via this UK government link

Alcohol Premises Licence

If you’ll be distributing your alcohol to be sold to customers from a store, restaurant, or bar, that establishment and yourself will have to apply for a premises licence together. This licence will be under your company name, and their address, so that they can legally store your alcoholic products on their premises. 

This process does involve a few comprehensive steps that can be completed by legal representatives, however, there will be a few forms that you legally have to complete yourself. 

Some steps include advertising locally that an application for an alcohol licence has been applied for, this includes in the local newspaper, notifying the local authorities, and displaying notices in properties hoping to sell your products for 28 days. 

Outsourcing Alcohol Fulfilment to The Delivery Group

One of the benefits of choosing The Delivery Group to conduct your alcohol fulfilment on your behalf is that we can aid you in securing branded, sustainable packaging in which your alcohol can be shipped. This will enable your brand to be more widely recognised by clients and consumers, as well as creating a more professional image for your brand.  

Don’t see a service that you need above, but are still interested in our wider range of fulfilment services? Read our guide here.  Looking to get started outsourcing alcohol fulfilment to the experts at The Delivery Group? Discuss your options with our friendly team today.

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