T-Shirt Fulfilment Services – A Handy Guide

If you’re inundated with orders and unable to cope with your current in-house fulfilment operation and order processing capabilities, utilising the expert services of a third-party logistics company, like The Delivery Group, will help to alleviate that workload so that you can focus on the things that really matter. 

We know it can be difficult to find a cost-effective and efficient option for the best t-shirt fulfilment services, but here at The Delivery Group, our experts offer just that. 

While many t-shirt companies print their shirts through one company, and then have to allocate additional time and effort into getting the custom printed shirts back to later distribute them to their customers, The Delivery Group’s t-shirt order fulfilment services allow you to undertake efficient inventory management of your t-shirts so you can handle all of your shipping, deliveries, and returns with ease. 

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T-Shirt Fulfilment Services – How Do They Work?

In general, fulfilment services provide eCommerce brands with the option to outsource their shipping and handling processes. For when in-house fulfilment becomes impossible due to the sheer number of orders your brand is receiving, the number of staff you have not being enough to deal with fulfilment operations, or simply running out of room to store your products, you can store your inventory in one of our efficiently run fulfilment centres and ship your orders directly from there with the help of our expert staff. 

Not having to deal with every aspect of the fulfilment process yourself provides a wide range of benefits to you and your t-shirt business. From having more time to invest in the development of your business, to designing new products, partnering with a third-party logistics company like The Delivery Group will allow your brand to flourish.

With the use of The Delivery Group’s fulfilment centres located across the UK and around the world, they will receive orders, package your products, and ship your customer orders efficiently. You’ll also never have to worry about running out of stock, as our handy inventory management software can integrate with your online store and allow you to reorder items before you run out.  

The 3 Steps Behind Our T-Shirt Fulfilment Services

Looking for the best t-shirt printing and fulfilment services? When you undertake t-shirt fulfilment with The Delivery Group, there are three main steps that take place in order to provide your customer with their order quickly and in a cost-effective manner. These include:

1: The Fulfilment Centre Receives Customer Order Information

Here at The Delivery Group, you can integrate your eCommerce store with our specialist software. This means that you’ll have a far easier time with inventory management and carrying out daily tasks with immediate and consistent access to your inventory. Customer orders are even automatically pushed out so that you don’t have to take time out of your day to do mundane tasks manually. 

Order information will include important information, like the type of t-shirt ordered, size, image or design, and shipping destination. The experts at our fulfilment centres will take this information to pick, pack, and ship your items directly to your customers. 

2: Working With Screen Printers

At The Delivery Group, we streamline the process of fulfilment so that you don’t have to take a long-winded approach to get your items to your customers. 

We can work with local and nearby quality on-demand printing services that prints products you’re selling to a high quality. As these are your products, you can communicate directly with the screen printer, ensuring you get the exact design and quality that you want. No need to worry about your customers receiving a t-shirt that isn’t the quality they hoped for. 

3: Your Customers Receive Their Items

As soon as the t-shirts are completed and ready to ship, our fulfilment centre will receive the orders, package them safely and securely with custom packing slips, and deliver them as soon as possible to your customers. We have close relationships with all major shippers and couriers, from Hermes to Royal Mail, we can negotiate lower shipping rates and faster shipping times that will trickle down to you and your customers. 

Even better, your customers won’t experience any lags or delays in shipping time with the on-demand printing service, they will receive their products believing that they have been delivered directly from your store. 

Benefits of T-Shirt Fulfilment Services

There is a wide range of benefits to investing in t-shirt fulfilment with The Delivery Group. These include saving money on shipping, expanding your company, and reaching a wider audience across the UK, and internationally. 

By minimising the gap between the actual printing of your shirts to their delivery to your customers, your customers will receive their products faster compared to sticking to in-house fulfilment.

Utilising the service of a third-party logistics company will also help to save you money, as you’ll only need to pay and deal with one-third party, not multiple. We help to streamline costs and processes, meaning you won’t even have to pay for the shipment of your shirts to and from the screen printer we use. 

Our handy inventory management software also helps you to anticipate hills and valleys in your orders, seasonal peaks, and see your most popular items. This will help you to anticipate how many of each item you need to order in before you experience a stock shortage. 

For Quality T-Shirt Fulfilment Services, Contact The Delivery Group Today

If you’re looking for a solution to your overwhelming in-house fulfilment operation, we have the answer. The Delivery Group offers a wide range of fulfilment services that aim to streamline your supply chain, optimise the fulfilment process, and help to grow your business as a whole. 

In order to reach a wider selection of customers, and keep them happy, investing in t-shirt fulfilment services at The Delivery Group will help to save you time and money with high-quality inventory management software. 

Interested in working with one of the UK’s best t-shirt fulfilment companies? Get in touch with The Delivery Group today. 

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