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Here at The Delivery Group, our teams of mailing and fulfilment experts know how important it is to get your messages across to your customers, and even potential clients. As the UK’s number one mail fulfilment service, The Delivery Group can provide help, advice, and solutions to the efficient fulfilment of mail.

In this article, we explain what you can expect from us when you opt into our direct mail fulfilment services as a business in the stage where the fulfilment of mail is necessary. Our direct mail fulfilment services work towards ensuring your efforts do not go to waste.

What is the Direct Mail Fulfilment process?

Direct mail marketing takes an item, such as a DVD, and prepares that item with promotional material and other useful information that may be of interest to the demographic purchasing the item. Once these items are prepared and ready to ship, they are then sent out per normal order fulfilment.

Direct mail marketing is one of the most impactful mediums that allow the generation of sales on multiple different scopes. From national to international, direct mail resonates with all of your target demographics.

We provide services for special inserts within all kinds of mailable objects, such as CDs, video games, books, and many other items. These inserts can contain all manner of things, from discount codes to bonus items within a video game. Items are picked and packed with these inserts inside so you don’t need to worry.

The quality of the data is one of the main aspects of a direct mail campaign, and The Delivery Group ensures that all postal addresses are correct, accurate, and duplicate-free. We are also able to obtain mailing lists that can be purchased and licenced to you at a discounted rate.

Preparing the Mail Fulfilment Process

The approach you take when undertaking the fulfilment of mail will determine the level of understanding among your target audience. There are several aspects to consider when undertaking direct mail fulfilment – this includes:

Printed Material

Having access to various mediums of printed material and inserts for certain products starts the process of mail fulfilment. These materials are typically stored in an onsite warehouse where agreed stock levels for future direct mail campaigns are held.

Your printed materials will form the basis of any future direct mail fulfilment campaigns – meaning that they will later be converted into ready to send mailing when needed.

Address Information

The addressee information will be supplied directly onto the printed media via variable data printing services and mailing lists. In most cases, addresses will be sorted into a postcode order, or walksort order, in order to create more efficient and cost-effective mailing services.

This information also ensures that everything gets to the right destination – so it is critical for us to have all of the correct information so that mail arrives in the right place, at the right time, all whilst complying with GDPR legislation.

Availability of Materials

You may wish to prepare your direct mail fulfilment campaign, but you don’t have access to a sufficient level of materials. Checking whether these materials, such as envelopes, inserts, stationery, and packaging equipment is available is essential. In the event of an equipment deficit, make sure you plan immediate procurement of replacement items to prevent any delays or inconveniences in your mail fulfilment campaign.

Planning and Management of Mail Fulfilment Processes

This includes tasks such as the assurance that the right staff and equipment are simultaneously available in order to complete your direct mail fulfilment tasks, as well as planning out each process of your fulfilment mail campaign. Staff should also have the necessary knowledge about your campaign in order to effectively carry out your mail fulfilment needs.

Hand Fulfilment? Or Manual Direct Mail Fulfilment?

Compared to hand fulfilment, automated machine-based mail order fulfilment is faster, more convenient, can handle high order volumes, and saves mundane tasks so your staff can focus on more fulfilling tasks. In the vast majority of cases, it is also cheaper than hand fulfilment.

Though it is usual for tasks to be automated, it can be necessary for parts of certain tasks to be hand fulfiled. These parts could include low-volume runs, mailing of odd or unusually shaped items, or for larger items and size restrictions that cannot be processed by machines.

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If you’re looking to add the fulfilment of mail to your business by including leaflets and other types of media within mailable packages, The Delivery Group can help. Simply organise your direct mail fulfilment strategy with the staff and warehouse manager organising your typical fulfilment, and we can get it all running smoothly.

If you don’t have a mail order fulfilment account with us and want to break into mail order fulfilment in order to benefit your business and online store, get in touch with our team of fulfilment experts today.

As one of the UK’s number one fulfilment companies with the lowest fulfilment prices guaranteed, we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs and figure out the most cost-effective and efficient ways to complete your fulfilment needs.

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