Nutraceutical Fulfilment Services

Nutraceutical is a term that covers products that provide additional health or nutritional benefits. Nutraceutical products consist of vitamins, supplements, energy bars, anti-ageing cosmetics, protein powder, and many more. These products are a large part of the online market – accounting for a large number of sales in the health, beauty, and wellness sphere.

In this article, we discuss the processes into how nutraceutical and supplement fulfilment works, how The Delivery Group will make a great partner if your business is branching into providing nutraceutical products, and other considerations for you to make when completing the fulfilment and distribution of these nutraceutical products.

What is Nutraceutical Fulfilment?

The process of nutraceutical and supplement fulfilment consists of storing, picking and packing, and delivering of nutraceutical products to the doorsteps of your customers. With the nutraceuticals market currently thriving, the sale of vitamins and supplements has increased by at least 40% in 2020 – an all-time high, businesses need a fool-proof eCommerce fulfilment strategy for these high demand products.

Inventory levels of nutraceutical products will fluctuate based on current trends which affect consumption and customer levels – however, there will always be a demand for nutraceutical products due to their popularity and proven effects from certain brands. One of the highest purchase times of nutraceutical products is around New Years Day – due to 45% of New Year’s resolutions being health-related, and the recent health craze and the global situation are expected to only make sales rise even further this year.

Nutraceutical products that your inventory may include are:

  • Energy drinks and bars
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Skincare products
  • Some cosmetic products
  • Herbal compounds
  • Bodybuilding products and protein powder

How The Delivery Group Can Help Your Brand Grow

The Delivery Group acts as a third party logistics company – offering nutraceutical fulfilment solutions that can help direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, such as yours, thrive and grow. In order to bring growth to your brand, The Delivery Group can help in the following ways:


Here at The Delivery Group, we have tech that enables an efficient running of our entire fulfilment network – designed to only benefit our nutraceutical fulfilment process. From our merchant and seller-facing dashboard, to our warehouse management system, we can automate more throughout this enhanced connectivity throughout the network.

From picking and packing items, to tracking inventory in real-time and determining the most efficient and cost-effective delivery routes, we have an incredible leg-up over our competitors when comparing our operational efficiencies and capacities.

Distributed Inventory

You can split your inventory when you opt for nutraceutical fulfilment with The Delivery group. This means you can store your inventory throughout our many fulfilment centres worldwide, helping you to expand your business internationally, spend less money on global shipping, and reduce your transit times to your international customer base.

When a customer places an order, our expert team ensures that the goods they want are automatically shipped from their nearest fulfilment centre, ensuring the most optimal route is used in order to keep shipping cost-efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.

How Does The Delivery Group Nutraceutical Fulfilment Process Work?

Here at The Delivery Group, our order fulfilment processes take care of everything for customer satisfaction. From the moment your customer places an order on your website, to when it arrives at their home, we ensure everything is done to keep things simple for you and your clients. We can connect your online store, and any other sales channels, with our client dashboard, and send your inventory of nutraceutical products to any of our fulfilment centres internationally. We aim to take care of the entire fulfilment process, enabling a swift, efficient, and cost-effective solution to nutraceutical fulfilment.

Our team of fulfilment experts can pick, pack, and ship each order, as well as sharing order tracking information with you and your customers all help with the process of nutraceutical fulfilment. When you expand internationally, and split your inventory across our fulfilment centres across the globe, our system automatically detects which location is best suited to ship from for each customer – getting products to your clients in the most efficient, cost-effective, and even environmentally conscious ways possible.

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Here at The Delivery Group, we do everything we can to make the entire fulfilment process as easy and straightforward as possible to benefit you and your customers. From being able to split your inventory across our international fulfilment centres, to finding the most efficient shipping routes possible, we aim to get your stock of nutraceutical products shipped out before their expiration dates.

Looking to optimise your nutraceutical fulfilment capabilities? The Delivery Group ensures that you deal with less of the day-to-day operations of your business, and more time thinking of business strategies to blast your competition out of the water. If you’re looking to expand your nutraceutical fulfilment as far as it can go – get in touch with our friendly teams at our call centre as soon as you can.

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