Fast & Cost-efficient Order Fulfilment Services Across Europe

The complexities and costs involved with international shipping are some of the biggest reasons why eCommerce businesses hesitate in taking the plunge to make their business reach an international audience. Dealing with customs, import duties, extended transit times, and higher shipping rates are just a few challenges that turn online businesses off from expanding worldwide, but did you know that there is a far simpler solution that makes global fulfilment more accessible? 

By partnering with a third-party logistics company, such as The Delivery Group, you will have access to a fulfilment network and fulfilment services that will connect your business to our fulfilment centres worldwide, thus making international and European fulfilment simple and straightforward with the ability to store your stock in our European fulfilment centres. 

No matter where your stock is stored, whether it is domestically here in the UK, our European fulfilment centres, or somewhere further afield, you can check your data and see where your orders are coming in from – giving you the ability to strategically store your stock in areas closest to your customers. 

Did you know that, by reducing the shipping zones a package must pass through by splitting your inventory across multiple locations; this will lead to more competitive shipping costs and faster delivery times. This will also lead to a higher average order value and reduce the risk of cart abandonment. 

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The Delivery Group Order Fulfilment Services in Europe

If you have customers based in the UK and in Europe, storing a portion of your eCommerce inventory in a European fulfilment centre will help you to reduce tariffs, taxes, and the hassle of having to ship outside your country. 

With the help of The Delivery Group, you can bulk ship your inventory to one of our European fulfilment centres and subsequently distribute your products to your European customers from there – completely eliminating the need to deal with customs for each package. You can also split your inventory across our European fulfilment centres, allowing you to ship directly from areas where the majority of your customers lie. 

Want to get started with The Delivery Group? Here’s how:

  • Begin by connecting your eCommerce store with our software.
  • Choose which fulfilment centres you’d like to store your inventory in. Choose areas closest to your customers!
  • Orders placed on online stores will automatically be sent to the fulfilment centre closest to the place of ordering to be picked and packed, and shipped quickly and efficiently.
  • You and your customer will receive real-time tracking information for the package.

Discounts for Bulk International Shipping 

Here at The Delivery Group, we have close relationships with various high-quality mail carriers, shippers, and couriers so that we can offer the best shipping discounts for international and European order fulfilment on the market. 

The lack of having to pay customs duties on every package as well as premium shipping rates with bulk shipping to our European fulfilment centres means that you’ll always pay the most competitive rates possible. 

Optimised Shipping Processes

When shipping to Europe or further afield, shipping timelines become longer and more complex which makes it more difficult to accurately calculate shipping rates and distances yourself. However, when you partner with The Delivery group, you can ship your inventory based on demand in certain locations. Next, our expert technology searches for the top mail carriers with the fastest, most cost-effective services possible for each package.

Effective Order & Inventory Management

The Delivery Group can handle all of the semantics behind order fulfilment, as well as providing full transparency into the whole process of our order fulfilment services in Europe and beyond. When you choose us, your dashboard will be a hub for order and inventory management, meaning that you can efficiently check inventory levels at each fulfilment centre, set reorder points, view any outstanding customer orders, track the progress of packages, and more. 

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