Pallet Delivery Services

Our team provides domestic and international pallet delivery solutions for all businesses.

Pallet Delivery Services

Domestic & International Global Pallet Delivery



Whatever you’re sending, our pallet couriers are ready when you are

For pallet delivery and collection services tailored to your businesses’ requirements.

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International parcel collection and delivery

Our team provides domestic and international pallet delivery solutions for all businesses. Pallets are tracked from collection to delivery, providing clients constant visibility throughout the transport process.

We provide flexible collection options for your pallets and work around you to ensure your demands and expectations are met. We offer pallet shipping across the globe, catering to both smaller and start-up businesses to larger corporate businesses.

Our personalised pallet tracking system

Benefits include:

  • Working with you to ensure their pallets are collected and delivered according to their exact requirements
  • Bespoke tracking technology to monitor your items’ delivery journey
  • International shipping
  • Proof of receivership
  • Secure pallet delivery
  • 160 eco-friendly delivery vehicles

We aim to offer clients the fastest postal service at affordable rates. For international delivery from the UK to anywhere in the world.

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What can I send on a pallet?

Pallet collection & delivery services

We provide pallet collection and delivery services tailored to your needs. Whether you’re delivering on a domestic or international scale, our team handles pallet consignments efficiently.

What can I send on a pallet?

We’re able to transport almost anything using our pallet service, including larger items such as:

  • Bicycles
  • TVs and other large, fragile technology
  • Music equipment
  • White goods (washing machines etc)
  • Large sports equipment (skis, kayaks, surfboards etc)

This service is also ideal for rapidly increasing volumes of palletised freight.

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UK & International pallet delivery

We operate on both domestic and international scales, providing clients and customers around the globe with swift and secure pallet delivery services. International pallet collection and delivery is made easy with our flexible mailing options.

The service is priced differently for every client, depending on your specific requirements. Delivery times, location and collection points, the types of item you’re sending (pallets, documents, parcels, packets etc) and the volume will all affect the price of your quote. The more specific you are with your delivery requirements, the more accurate your quote will be.

This service includes:
  • Tracked overnight deliveries
  • Online visualisation of deliveries
  • Guaranteed UK overnight delivery services (via our partnership agreements)
  • Pallet deliveries
  • 160 vehicles with a uniformed delivery team

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Pallet delivery services tailored to your requirements

The Delivery Group provides clients across the globe with fast and effective pallet transportation. Innovative tracking systems and proof of receivership services guarantee safe and secure delivery.

Select a pallet delivery company that works around your requirements and provides the best solutions to your collection and delivery requirements.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our process and how we can simplify your businesses’ delivery process.

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