eCommerce International Shipping

For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure eCommerce international shipping solutions for customers across the UK.

Specialist international eCommerce shipping services

We provide the best solution for a reliable international postal service. Our efficient shipping process helps eCommerce sellers or online stores expand their destination countries and target international customers. Our mail handling services can achieve this without a significant rise in the cost of shipping.

Reliable shipping is what makes an eCommerce seller thrive, and it is what keeps your customers returning. A reliable mail handling partner is key to making sure you provide trustworthy shipping as standard, especially when it comes to shipping internationally. We offer extensive tracking options so you can always check your mail.

Our services are suitable for eCommerce sellers as well as a range of small, medium-sized and large corporations. The impressive supply chain and mail handling infrastructure we offer gives your eCommerce company the best chance of meeting demand and scaling up the business. Get a free quote today.

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Benefits of our international eCommerce shipping services

The overall benefit is a reliable mail handling and delivery service internationally. You can ship any type of package using our mail handling services, including post, parcels, pallets and special items. As an important part of our client base, we offer eCommerce businesses a dedicated eCommerce service.

Key benefits of our international eCommerce shipping service include the following:

  • Cost: Many customers demand free delivery and our services are affordable enough for you to offer this to your customers without adding a significant cost of shipping to your overall margins. We offer flexible solutions and the best price possible no matter what country you are shipping to.
  • Tracking: With our free and easy to use app you can track all your parcels quickly and accurately, which is important for peace of mind when shipping internationally. For an idea of how our tracking works, you can download and try our app for free, and custom tracking is also available.
  • Support: We will offer you the services of a dedicated account manager. Your manager can help during peak times and provide extra support. If you have difficulty with shipping labels, customs considerations or any other issue they can help you with this too.

The international eCommerce shipping we offer saves your company time and money, so you can focus on the core aspects of your business. We have the capabilities of a very large company, with eight sites across the UK that successfully handle and deliver over a billion items each year.

The service comes with the following additional features:

  • 72 hour delivery time
  • Custom information management, commercial invoices and reporting
  • Collection arrangements to suit your needs
  • Professional advice from your account manager
  • Total visibility around shipping rate options and invoice reconciliation
  • Fast integrated tracking throughout the network
  • Hassle-free easy to use service
  • Signed for and proof of delivery support
  • Unsorted and sorted solutions
  • Complete support during peak times

Why choose us for your international eCommerce shipping?

Our annual turnover is more than £250 million, and we have a big commitment to modern technology. This means we can optimise routes, provide custom tracking, automate sorting and create flexible solutions that are bespoke to your needs.

Reliable international shipping services for eCommerce businesses

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy mail handling and delivery partner you will find no better than The Delivery Group. We will give you an affordable and low-cost solution that you are unlikely to be able to fulfil yourself.

We guarantee quality and our growing network’s capabilities can help assist you as your business expands. Contact us today for a free quote on our international eCommerce shipping.


FAQs and useful information

The following are some frequently asked questions and useful information about international eCommerce shipping and the services we provide:

How easy is it to track a parcel internationally?

Very easy. We use the latest technology and tracking options, with fast and accurate scanning at various points of delivery. You can see every step of the way by simply opening the app and entering your tracking number. From here you can see every detail about your package and monitor the shipping process as it unfolds.

How do I ship internationally with eCommerce?

You need to be selective with your products when shipping internationally. While we are capable of sending parcels all over the world there are specific target countries that will block certain imports if they do not meet customs standards – or otherwise outright forbid. For example, sending a parcel to a country such as Iran will mean you must comply with very strict customs and moral laws before shipping, so you could never ship something like alcohol. Similarly, countries such as Australia and New Zealand have delicate ecosystems and forbid certain types of food. If you are unsure about sending items then your account manager can help you.

How do I ship my products from home?

Many eCommerce providers operate from home and it is possible to arrange collection from a regular address if you do not have a dedicated warehouse or other business space. We can collect your parcels and ship them internationally as we normally would when visiting larger business premises.

What is the cheapest way to ship internationally?

If you want to ship internationally you can find good shipping rates from many providers. However, these rates will adjust depending on the size of your items and the class of mail you choose. You also have the burden of complying with shipping requirements and mailing the items yourself. There is a time cost with all of these tasks, so the overall cheapest way to ship internationally is to outsource the parcels to a reliable mail handler such as The Delivery Group.

I sell on eBay, can you still help me?

Yes. We offer a specific eBay courier service that operates in a similar way to our other eCommerce services. eBay does not currently offer a courier service and we can provide a fast alternative solution for this if you do not currently have a website or dedicated online store.

How can I offer free shipping for my customers?

We offer competitive rates that are very flexible, so depending on your margins you may be able to offer free shipping to customers as standard. When factoring in your delivery budget free shipping can seem less appealing as a business owner, however many customers not only expect this but demand it. Our team are happy to offer flexible rates that are bespoke to your needs, which can help keep overall costs down. However, a simpler way to do this is by asking for a minimum order amount from your customers to qualify for free shipping.

If I ship to a developing country, how can I be sure I receive an ethical service?

Our service commits to recognising the signs of modern slavery throughout all of the supply chains. The values that guide our operations mean we consistently update our practices and do our utmost to address the gender pay gap across the business. Another of our ethical practices concerns the environment, and we continue to reduce our energy use within the company. Throughout our staff, we provide extensive training and awareness regarding our ethical approach. As part of our technical processes, we also maintain a commitment to privacy and cybersecurity.

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