Ebay Seller

Fulfil your customers’ demands.

eBay sellers choose Secured Mail as their delivery partner again and again, because we know how crucial quality of service can be and the ability to offer FREE DELIVERY for your customers is key.

Our bespoke eBay package is designed to manage both domestic and international deliveries and crucial support during peak times. We create a partnership and work with you to understand your individual delivery needs. We improve service quality and provide award winning automation and seamless tracking throughout our network.


• We will pick up and sort your packets and parcel deliveries saving you time

• We will collect your deliveries at a time the suits your eBay business. We work around the clock so you don’t have to.

Trackable – eBay

• Simplify your eBay deliveries: Our integrated IT systems to help you despatch and track items, as well as run reports

• Giving you the ability to provide proof of dispatch to your customers

• With Secured Mail as your delivery partner you’re safe in the knowledge that each and every parcel can be tracked through our network, from collection to injection into Royal Mail.


• We pride ourselves on our dedicated service and our high customer retention. Your eBay business will benefit from a dedicated account manager and access to our client services team.

• We have an unbeatable track record for Black Friday’s and Cyber Mondays – often providing support for other carriers during peak times.

• Returns Management – Secured Mail can also manage your returns, click here to find out more.