Xpect is set up to provide shoppers with a two-hour delivery window notification that keeps its customers informed. It also provides updates on the morning of a recipient’s delivery, making it an ideal service for the shipping of small, medium, or even large parcels and other pieces of mail.

By sending packages and parcels through Xpect, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Two-hour delivery windows
  • Deliveries from 7am to 9pm, six days a week
  • 2 day plus delivery services
  • Up to three delivery attempts
  • Customers are informed by push notifications, SMS, and email
  • Trackable deliveries for POD and non-POD parcels
  • Transit liability on POD services
  • Real-time driver app
  • Parcels up to 30 kg and 170 cm can be delivered on the service.

Convenient Delivery Windows

Customers receiving a parcel or package through Xpect will receive regular updates on their deliveries – including a two-hour delivery window on the morning it is due to arrive. A customer’s full suite of notifications, including their estimated delivery window, will be available to them whether they are expecting an Xpect or an Xpect XL parcel to be delivered. This keeps the service as convenient to them as possible and allows them the opportunity to arrange their day-to-day schedule around the arrival of their purchases.

Practical Delivery options

Through Xpect, parcels and packages are able to be delivered with the most convenient options for shipping goods to your customers.

All of these are delivered six days a week, too, and all deliveries are conducted between 7am and 9pm.

This ensures that deliveries are conducted on a schedule that suits both you and your customer, and allows you to provide the quickest and most efficient service for everyone involved.

Reliable Delivery Promises

A customer has missed the first and second delivery attempts? No problem! Through the Xpect service, all parcels sent will have delivery attempted three times. If the customer is unable to collect their package on the third attempt, this does not mean the package is automatically returned to the sender.

All parcels and packages sent through the Xpect service are fully trackable – whether proof of delivery is required or not. As a result, both you and your waiting customers will be kept fully informed of every step in your delivery’s journey.

Parcel Tracking Through Xpect and The Delivery Group

At The Delivery Group, we understand that anything might happen over the course of a delivery. We are

At The Delivery Group, we understand that anything might happen over the course of a delivery. We are prepared for this, however, as all of our mail, packages, and parcels sent through a POD service come with a transit liability as standard.

Recipients of Xpect parcels will also be able to track their deliveries every step of the way. This is combined with a parcel countdown, in which customers will be able to see and know how many deliveries there are in front of their own. Customers can be kept informed of their delivery’s progress, no matter which stage it is in.

Xpect Parcel Measurements

  • Maximum weight: 30 kg
  • Maximum length: 120 cm
  • Maximum dimensions: 0.23 m3

Xpect XL Measurements

  • Maximum weight: 30 kg
  • Maximum length: 170 cm
  • Maximum dimensions: 0.28m3

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