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01 Apr 2024

Latest International Delivery Updates

International UnTracked Afghanistan – On Suspension Start date: 9 August 2021 Latest update: 23 August 2021 End date: Ongoing Incident: […]

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11 Nov 2022

Sustainability in Action

Our commitment to sustainability underpins everything we do as a business. Climate change and its relationship to man-made carbon emissions […]

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Postal 05 May 2022

Post-pandemic postal volumes – what’s the picture?

Postal mail played a vital role during the pandemic, serving as a communication and delivery lifeline to locked-down populations. As […]

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Paper 05 May 2022

The Paper Picture – a snapshot of today’s paper industry

Paper – an everyday object. You barely give it a second thought. And like most commonplace items, it’s hard to […]

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a woman managing inventory in her eCommerce stock room 17 Feb 2022

What is Mailmark, How Does it Work and Will It Become Compulsory?

Mailmark is a new type of barcoding system that is run by Royal Mail. The Mailmark is a type of […]

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international post delivery 17 Feb 2022

What is an Air Waybill, How Do They Work and How Do I Find One?

An air waybill, or an AWB, is a receipt from your air carrier when shipping by air. It is a […]

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