New Mailmark Economy Service Launch; January 2021

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Mailmark Economy Service

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The new Mailmark Economy Service introduces a lower-priced letters delivery service which defers the delivery of non-time-critical letters by up to three days. This service can be used for the following services;

  • Business Mail
  • Advertising Mail
  • Responsible Entry
  • Responsible Intermediate
  • Partially Addressed

When does this launch?

You can send mailings via The Delivery Group using the Mailmark Economy Service from the 4th January 2021.

The Details

The new service is designed for customers to defer delivery of their non-critical Mailmark letters. The aim under the service is that Royal Mail will deliver letters within four working days of handover, it is estimated that up to 45% of your Mailmark Economy posting is likely to be delivered the day after handover to Royal Mail.

The table below provides an illustration of the key delivery differences between the Mailmark Economy Service and standard Mailmark services:

TDG Table

Presentation Requirements

To make things easier for customers, Royal Mail has kept the presentation requirements in line with the standard Mailmark Service. Customers will just need to ensure that Mailmark Economy Service mail is handed over in separate bags or trays to standard Access mail.

When can you upload mailing for this service?

We will confirm once the service is available to be selected on our software.


Prices have been confirmed for 2021 for this new service. Please speak to your account manager to confirm your costs.

****Please note that the Economy Service will launch as VAT-rated whilst Royal Mail await Ofcom’s consultation and decision on the regulatory status of the service. As such any Agency Clients need to be aware that VAT is payable on the service if used.****