Our international delivery service caters to both small and start-up businesses to large corporations.

ETrak: Our Partners in Innovative International Parcel Delivery


The UK’s Fastest Growing Specialist Mail Distribution Company

As the UK’s fastest growing specialist mail distribution company, we believe in tailoring our work to the needs of our clients. When they look for a postal carrier to help their international sales grow, they will be looking for the firm which provides the fastest, safest cross-border shipping for all e-commerce products. 

For us, stepping in to help means keeping our international delivery service as swift, secure and up-to-date as we possibly can. This is why, from September 2020, we have set up and are launching ETrak. As a partner in providing the postal solutions our customers look for, ETrak will operate as our advanced international parcel delivery service, and is guaranteed to offer an unrivalled system when you need quick collection and delivery, worldwide.

Whether your firm is large or small, with multiple markets already established or even if you are just getting started online, ETrak’s assistance makes international shipping easy. Through our new partnered service, we can help you:

  • Improve your international sales
  • Gain an online advantage over your competitors
  • Lower your costs
  • Boost your customer loyalty

For high-speed, straightforward deliveries and fulfilment services carried out at an affordable rate, you will be hard-pressed to find a better service than ETrak. The service you need will be ready whenever you are, and your UK parcel will be in safe hands when you mark it for any destination.


What is ETrak?

ETrak is a new, advanced delivery service that can offer you the cost-effective solution you need to send out your products to customers around the globe. The service is an end-to-end solution for shipping parcels of a number of sizes internationally, and includes a nationwide collection service and sortation.

Our state of the art technology tracks the item (or items) through every step of its journey, from collection and processing to delivering to our delivery partners and finally, doorstep delivery. All of this can be processed through our innovative, in-house tracking system, ensuring constant visualisation over the products.

How does ETrak’s service work?

The system ETrak uses is designed to enhance the efficiency of any e-commerce shipping operation, streamlining the process so that your business is saved both time and money. This is primarily achieved through the practice of route optimisation, ensuring that your products are delivered to their destination in the fastest time possible. In turn, you will find reduced transit times and shipping costs for your business, and you will be able to offer your customers the quickest delivery available, at a series of more competitive rates.

Every parcel which makes its way through the ETrak system passes through several stages in a “lifecycle”:

Customer Collection

The service will collect the items you wish to have shipped.

TDG Hub/ETrak Process Centre

Your items will be taken to one of our locations, where they will be processed and packaged.

Routed to International Partners

Your parcels will be handed to a trusted courier for your intended destination.

Arrived in Country

The items will arrive safely and securely in the country you have designated.

Out for Tracked Delivery

All the parcels you have arranged to be delivered will be taken to their intended destination, with a state-of-the-art tracking service in place to ensure that all goods can be monitored on their journey.

E-trak International Parcel Tracking Graphic
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Introducing the Import One Stop Shop for online sellers (IOSS)

Handling the administration relating to customs and cross-border selling is hardly the most exciting element of online retail. But keeping up to date with regulatory changes is key if you are to continue to provide a smooth, cost-effective and efficient service for consumers. To ensure a smooth transition to the new VAT system, the EU has created the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS). This is a simple to use digital portal that facilitates the collection, declaration and payment of VAT for sellers. Businesses can use the IOSS from the 1st of July 2021 to meet their VAT e-commerce requirements on distance sales of imported goods.

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Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) and Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)

When looking into the logistics of selling your goods internationally there are two options, DDP and DDU. The country you’re shipping to may impose duty or tax on your shipment, depending on factors such as origin, e country of origin, retail value of an order, the reason for export and shipping destination. Every country has its own set of rules, regulations, and taxes for importing, and it’s important to know your options if you’re looking to spread your sales net far and wide.

These duties and other charges can be paid by either the sender (you, the seller) or the receiver of the shipment (your customer). Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) and Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) play key roles in global commerce.

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What will ETrak bring to customers?

You will find a range of benefits to suit both your customers and the needs of your business when you choose to have your items shipped via ETrak. These benefits include:

  • A range of delivery service types, from EPak (for parcels and packets up to 2kg in weight) to OnTrak (a premium service for parcels up to 30kg)
  • Access to final mile delivery partners in over 220 countries, offering your business its most comprehensive global reach
  • A nationwide collection and delivery network, from multiple UK depots
  • Assurance that all parcels and packets will be tracked to their intended destination
  • An optimised route for all deliveries, ensuring that your e-commerce business can offer the quickest posting for all products, while saving you time and money
  • An improved time for despatch
  • A wealth of e-commerce and logistics experience that comes from ETrak’s founding partners, The Delivery Group and Parcel Monkey

For simplified and safe worldwide solutions when posting your items

Our international delivery service partnership with ETrak is designed to offer the quickest, safest and most secure postal solutions for your e-commerce business and its products. Imagine being able to offer your customers the products they want at the quickest times available from any UK firm, all at the most competitive prices, and then contact our team in order to start making it happen.

Why choose us?


We’re a one stop shop web portal for booking all your shipments

We utilise a simple web platform to allow fast and easy booking for both domestic and international shipments, and you can choose you’re preferred carrier to suit your delivery requirements.

With regards to tracking, you can download our free tracking app or alternatively enter your tracking number on our website.

  • We’ll take care of customs clearance

If you’re sending items internationally and they require customs clearance, we’ll handle this, allowing you to focus on running your business.

  • On-hand support and advice from our team

Should you ever require advice or support, our team are on-hand to help 8am to 8pm, six days a week. We even provide support through peak delivery times, including Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays.

  • Highly competitive pricing

As the delivery industry continues to grow and evolve, it’s important for us to ensure we’re keeping our prices fair and affordable for our customers. We are price competitive, which means if you find a cheaper price online, we’ll match it and beat it in terms of quality.

  • You’ll receive a personal account manager 

Having your own account manager to handle billing, customs paperwork, delivery times and generally keeping on top of your mailing requirements alleviates stress and time on your end. All you need to do is provide a collection and delivery address for your items; we’ll let you know if we require anything else.

  • Benefits for ecommerce businesses

We deliver positive results and add value to our ecommerce customers. Benefits include sorted and unsorted solutions, fast turnaround times (72 hour deliveries, bespoke management and information reporting, collections to suit your needs and unrivalled support through peak times.

Learn more about how we can help ecommerce businesses.

At The Delivery Group, everything is handled under one roof, so you can rest assured that every aspect of your mailing and delivery requirements are being handled by our in-house professionals.

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