Performance Management

When you’re running a logistics company with mail distribution services, you’ll likely have multiple facets of your business. It can be hard to effectively analyse the performance of your carriers when you operate across different locations – especially when you’re international.

That’s where The Delivery Group can help. We are a company at the forefront of mail and parcel distribution services both for the UK and Internationally. We’ve spent years cultivating an advanced understanding of the most effective ways of streamlining performance and infrastructure to help countless companies operate with greater success.

If you’re searching for a way to analyse delivery performance across all of your carriers in all locations, we have an excellent solution with our specialist performance management system.

How We Can Help With Your Performance Management Analysis

With the support of your dedicated account manager,  our system works by identifying delivery-specific data from all of your carriers and pulling it together for you in one accessible place. This means you can easily measure the current performance of your deliveries.

With our performance management analysis system, you can monitor a host of criteria, including the number of parcels that need to be delivered and the delivery locations. You can easily filter the consolidated information so that whatever information you need to find, you can do so at a moment’s notice.

How Our Performance Management System Can Benefit Your Business

We’ve put time into developing this system: it comes from years of experience learning what businesses really need from performance analysis.The exceptional range of benefits to your business that our performance management system can give include:

  • Immediately seeing the volume of parcels being delivered and due for delivery, the carrier usage, and delivery performance. We’ve spent time perfecting the service so that simplicity and speed are at the forefront.
  • Easily measure and examine your current performance level against your key performance indicators. This means the management of your carriers is made simpler and more streamlined, greatly contributing to the increased performance of your business as a whole.
  • Get the information you need around your current spending and your carrier performance so you can make better decisions that are backed up by data. Robust data that’s easily accessible means informed decisions that work.
  • Pinpoint exactly where your performance or operation is lacking so that you know exactly how to improve it. Achieving your operational targets is made more feasible with our performance management system.

Performance Management From the Experts

Consolidating all of your data in one place with a high-performing system can do wonders for

your business. With our superior system, you’ll be able to identify exactly where to make performance improvements and come to informed decisions for the benefit of your business.

At The Delivery Group, we understand the unique needs of any logistics company. We know from experience how hard it can be to analyse performance when you operate across different geographical locations with multiple carriers.

Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can improve your performance management as well as our other mail distribution services.

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