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We provide international pallet delivery solutions, tracked from pick up to delivery for complete visibility.

Pallet Delivery Services with The Delivery Group

Here at The Delivery Group, our experts have years of experience successfully working alongside businesses and individuals to deliver pallets throughout the UK, and even offer international pallet delivery. We only work with carriers we trust, and carriers we have good relationships with, in order to ensure that you and your customers receive items on time, in good condition, and at the lowest possible price.

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What is Pallet Delivery?


Pallet delivery, pallet shipping, and pallet courier delivery are cheap ways to deliver your items safely within the UK, or internationally. Pallet deliveries ensure the different items within a shipment are packed tightly together, kept and secured in place with the use of either shrink-wrap or straps.

The securing of these items prevents any of your goods from falling over, and significantly reduces the risk of damaged goods during transit. It also gives businesses and solo senders the option of sending larger amounts of their goods across the globe in a safe, and secure, way.

The pallet delivery method also helps to ensure that fresh produce and ambient goods are kept in good quality for longer.

If you’re looking for a pallet delivery company that is able to eliminate the stress of shipping larger quantities of goods across the UK, or internationally, choose The Delivery Group. We are able to take care of the complex logistics involved in these kinds of deliveries and shipments, all while saving you time and money.

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Our Pallet Delivery Services

As one of the UK’s best pallet delivery companies with the best pallet couriers, we are able to provide a variety of pallet delivery services for our clients. These include pallet deliveries such as:

  • Domestic
  • International
  • Road
  • Air
  • Sea
  • Door-to-door
  • Door-to-port
  • Door-to-airport
  • Port-to-port

Anyone with smaller items can benefit from parcel courier services, whilst those with bulkier items, or a large number of items, can book full or half container loads.

By collecting consignments and shipments from a specific address on a preferred date, and delivering your goods directly to the final supplied destination, are standard fare for any shipping service.

However, ensuring that your goods are fully trackable and insured ensures that you have peace of mind, security in knowing that your shipments are safe, and knowledge that you’re using the best possible pallet delivery company.


Why Choose The Delivery Group for Pallet Delivery Services?


Here at The Delivery Group, our third-party fulfilment services and pallet deliveries are the most cost-effective and fast pallet delivery services on the market, all without making a sacrifice on quality. Our wide network of fulfilment centres throughout the UK, Europe, and across the globe always use the fastest and most affordable shipping routes for your pallet delivery.

Our close relationships with shipping providers and delivery couriers will help us pass on discounts to you. This can help you to save on standard UK pallet delivery prices, as well as on courier rates within Europe. We also have a range of well-priced and convenient freight delivery solutions, from sea, road, and air, we can ensure the safe delivery of your pallet delivery.

When you choose The Delivery Group for our quality pallet delivery services, you will receive:

  • An instant quote on pricing for your pallet delivery/shipment
  • Instant online booking
  • Affordable pallet deliveries across the UK, and the world
  • Trickle-down discounts from close provider relationships
  • Door-to-door tracking
  • Shipping options for deliveries of all sizes, including deliveries for non-palletised goods
  • Expert advice on air, road, or sea freight shipping for exporting, importing, and cross-trade of your eCommerce goods

Never used a pallet delivery service or third-party fulfilment provider before? Luckily for you, we’re always on-hand to help. Our customer service experts have years of experience on their hands, so they can use their knowledge to answer any niche questions you may have about customs clearances, documentation pertaining to imports or exports, packaging or custom packaging, restricted and banned items, insurance, and a wide range of other topics related to our pallet delivery service.

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Does Brexit Affect Pallet Delivery?

Here at The Delivery Group, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients in the know about important events and topics. Up to date information is always available about topics relating to delivery topics, so if you’re unsure about anything then please get in touch with our experts.

If you’re a UK business considering a pallet delivery to Europe, or a European business wanting to ship goods to the UK, there is important information you need to know about Brexit.

In the UK, businesses involved in a commercial transaction must register for an EORI number. This is the same for businesses within the EU. Before attempting to import or export, then it is essential to ensure that both you and your customers or suppliers in Europe, have EORI numbers. However, if your EU-based customer is a private individual, they do not need an EORI number.

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