Invoice Management

The Delivery Group offers comprehensive invoice management, making your life easier and saving you time and money. Our invoice management service allows you to reconcile costs simultaneously over multiple carriers, while also making available copies of individual shipment costs. We keep a detailed archive of prior invoices and costing data, allowing you to easily search and navigate through historic invoices. We also offer the ability to explore the associated costs that can come with different regions and carriers.

Our Professional Invoice Management

The Delivery Group allows you to compare all carrier invoices against the tariffs originally agreed upon. The Delivery Group allows you to compare all carrier invoices against the tariffs originally agreed upon. This can help you to save money by pointing out inconsistencies between the costs, potentially caused by errors or surcharges. Our software allows you to filter your invoice data, with options to search by specific cost lines or dates. Another benefit of an archived online invoice system is that your accounts team will have instant and secure access to all information, saving time that would have been spent chasing up invoices or looking through physical archives.

The Benefits For Your Business

Out invoice management system will bring a series of key benefits to a business of any size:

  • Better Budget Control: Our fully transparent and searchable archives will allow you to have a clear idea of carrier spending, allowing you to control your budget more effectively.
  • Optimise Budgets: A clearly laid out and easy to navigate system of invoice management will allow you to perform a detailed analysis of carrier spending. This can be used to optimise your budgets.
  • Save Time: With no manual processing of invoices, your accounts team will save considerable amounts of time, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.
  • Improved Accuracy: Our invoice management service allows you to compare invoices to the originally agreed costs, rooting out inconsistencies within your costs. This can save you money over time, and ensure the accuracy of your budgeting.

A World of Help For Multi-Carrier Budgets

working with The Delivery Group you’ll have access to a suite of services and our  invoice management. This will give you a single view, to compare, and sort your carrier invoices. In combination with our other options, we can offer a comprehensive end-to-end delivery service for companies of all sizes.

A Comprehensive Delivery Solution

The Delivery Group offers personalised delivery services for companies of all sizes, working throughout the industry to deliver over a billion items a year. Each of our clients is paired with their own dedicated account manager, who will develop a tailored delivery solution for them. This flexible process allows us to deliver a bespoke solution built on your needs, whether you’ll be sending post, parcels, or pallets. We aim to be able to deliver anything, anywhere, at a reasonable cost. Regardless of if you are a national or international company we can work alongside you. Our invoice management system offers further benefits, helping you to organise your budget, identify discrepancies, and save money.

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