Medical services

TDG Medical can assist in building a complete study model tailored around your exacting needs.

The Delivery Group has been a key player for the last 3 years in delivering logistics and associated services to the UK Government in the monitoring and surveillance of COVID-19 in the community. The development of our innovative network and technology were borne out of necessity to deliver one of the largest cold chain logistics services for the monitoring of COVID-19 across the United Kingdom as part of the largest epidemiological study in England.

The Delivery Group was instrumental in providing logistics, software, call centre and support handling, tracking and cold chain operations to the Real-Time Assessment of Community Transmission 1 (REACT-1) surveillance study and the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Study Digital (CISD).

We formed a rapid response control tower to co-ordinate the collection and delivery of over 3 million samples from households to laboratories, with a bespoke booking website, call centre and cold chain operation in less than 20 days. The consortium of carriers delivered world leading results in a cold chain of 2-8 OC. We flexed to provide 25,000 collections over 3,500 vehicles per day and delivered 4 times per 24 hours into the laboratories.

Bespoke solutions

TDG Medical can provide bespoke solutions to meet your fulfilment, monitoring and distribution needs and some of the services available include:

  • Compliant supply chain logistics associated with biological sample collections
  • Tracked postage and consolidation of samples, prior to delivery to your laboratory for analysis
  • Ambient, refrigerated, and frozen chain available
  • GPS, temperature monitoring and collection time date stamps
  • Bespoke in-house sample consolidation, with or without sample accessioning
  • Tailored dashboard with expertise in non-conformance reporting
  • Mobile and web-based application for your study needs
  • Fulfilment of home-collection kits and procedure packs
  • Sourcing of test kit components
  • Control tower and call centre (50 highly trained agents
  • Life science logistics
  • Clinical trial fulfilment
  • Healthcare white glove
  • Test kit fulfilment
  • Response management and follow up

Whether you are running a small-scale surveillance study or a national or international clinical trial, TDG Medical can assist in building a complete study model tailored around your exacting needs. Leveraging expertise gained in providing high volume services to UK government and private sector clients, TDG Medical are your partner of choice for cost-effective logistics and carrier solutions for all your biological sample needs.

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