Royal Mail Incentives – Updated

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Royal Mail Incentives – Updated for 2021

2020 was a successful year for Royal Mail’s incentive portfolio. Customers are seeing many benefits from using these schemes, ensuring mail remains cost-effective during a difficult year. RM has approved 680 applications, providing £9.2 million in postage credits that customers offset against their postage.

This year has been particularly challenging for UK businesses across all sectors with the Covid-19 pandemic severely affecting levels of trade.

Our Incentives Process:

  • You discuss your incentive options with Kam
  • You are sent one of our application forms via email to complete.
    Once you’ve completed it, send it to
  • Our incentives team will arrange a call with you to confirm the details you’ve provided are correct.
  • The incentive is applied for by The Delivery Group incentives team. Our terms are then sent to you.
  • If a TIS, the KAM will be reminded of the mailing to confirm the details are still the same as they were at the time of application if it is a volume incentive.
    Quarterly volumes will be provided so KAMs can check in with you to discuss any volume changes.
  • Our incentives team will apply for credit as soon as the incentive is complete.

Update from Royal Mail Regarding Incentives in 2021

In order to provide extra business support, Royal Mail has launched Open for Business and Back to Business which unlocked significant mail volume. Royal Mail is keen to continue the success of their incentives programme to find additional ways to work with Wholesale customers and the wider mail industry.
This is to promote the growth and retention of letters.
Royal Mail is renewing our incentives for a further year, details below.

Renewal of Incentives

As Royal Mail are renewing incentives for another year, customers can apply until 31/12/2021. Please note that, from 04/01/2021, Royal Mail are changing the postage credit rates for all incentives.

Fixed Percentage Discounts

Simplifying the offering for all Royal Mail incentives, Royal Mail will move to a fixed percentage discount off of the access price paid. This eliminates the current individual pence per item credit rate.

First Time User

For customers that have either never used advertising mail, or have lapsed for a period of two years, our first time user incentive provides a great price incentive. We have been improving our offer so that you can post unlimited mailings for the first 12 months, up to a maximum of one million items. We have also increased the credit rate from 15% to 20%. If you’d like to learn more about this incentive, please contact your personal account manager.

Advertising Growth and Volume Commitment

Royal Mail are simplifying the postage credit structure to help you benefit more from sending incremental Advertising Mail:
Up to 3m of incremental volume receive a 15% postage credit rate
More than 3m of incremental volume has a 20% postage credit rate

To enable a fast turnaround to credit applications, customers will be required to complete an online postage credit application as set out in the Incentive Framework Terms.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on mail volumes in 2020, Royal Mail has applied a 20% uplift on 2020 volumes to reflect the constrained activity during the COVID-19 2020 period and the fact that the market continues to improve. If you’d like to know more about this, please contact your personal account manager.

Subscription Mail

Many customers have already moved over to the Royal Mail Mailmark Subscription Mail Service to post their magazines. This gives the lowest price for machine-readable large letter titles up to 10mm thick. Royal Mail have announced a new manual Magazine Subscription Service for publications up to 25mm thick, which will be live from 04/01/2021. This service will also benefit from 12 months’ notice of pricing.

For 2021, Royal Mail are offering the Publishing Volume Commitment and New Title incentives on Subscription Mail products only. Any customers still posting on Business Mail should consider moving over to these products in order to take advantage of this offer.