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a woman managing inventory in her eCommerce stock room 17 Feb 2022

What is Mailmark, How Does it Work and Will It Become Compulsory?

Mailmark is a new type of barcoding system that is run by Royal Mail. The Mailmark is a type of […]

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international post delivery 17 Feb 2022

What is an Air Waybill, How Do They Work and How Do I Find One?

An air waybill, or an AWB, is a receipt from your air carrier when shipping by air. It is a […]

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17 Feb 2022

Direct Mail Advertising: Definition, Does it Work and How Do I Do it?

If you have ever received an offer from a local business, a promotion for a new service operating in the […]

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20 Jan 2022

How to Calculate Parcel Post Costs

Now knowing what you can expect to pay for shipping can be annoying. But there is no need to worry! […]

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alcohol fulfilment operations at a beer bottling facility 20 Jan 2022

What to Know About UK Customs Charges

UK customs charges are the amount you will have to pay in duty and VAT when importing goods. Customs duty […]

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alcohol fulfilment operations at a beer bottling facility 19 Jan 2022

Commodity Codes UK: What is the Best Way to Lookup Tariff Codes?

Exporting goods can greatly expand your reach but you must use commodity codes to classify your goods if you want […]

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