How to Calculate Parcel Post Costs

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Now knowing what you can expect to pay for shipping can be annoying. But there is no need to worry! The easiest way to determine the parcel post cost for your shipments is to use the calculator on our homepage. Using this helpful and simple tool, you can figure out how much it will cost to send parcels, pallets, packets, post and even specialist mail.

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Several factors come into play when calculating parcel post costs. Our parcel delivery services take the following into account. With this info, we can offer you a direct quote:

  • Destination: Our UK delivery charges are lower than international postage costs. Courier services to far-flung corners of the world can easily make postage prices higher, so this is a key consideration when planning on costs.
  • Delivery time: If you offer an express parcel delivery service, such as a next working day delivery option, then the costs to send parcels will be higher. However, most express post services within the UK have only slightly higher costs.
  • Volume: We offer excellent rates for large volumes of parcels, which can push parcel post costs down – if you compare prices on a per-item basis. For large volumes, we offer rates from 50 to 100,000+ parcels, the costs are usually lower.

You can use the excellent calculator on our homepage, but we understand that determining parcel post costs might require extra help – so we can offer outstanding support that is bespoke to your business when you use our services.

We offer great value for money with top-class service, so if you are unsure of what your costs might be or require other services – we are there to help. You will see our first-class support and client management team are eager to help once you get in touch.

How Much Does it Cost to Post a Parcel?

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Although the primary concerns in our calculator are the destination, speed and volume there are other considerations too. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the precise costs without knowing the following:

  • Weight: The smallest dense parcels can cost as much as the lightest large ones! Weight is the most important factor when determining how much it costs to post a parcel, as weight classes range from less than 1kg to 30kg+.
  • Dimensions: Small flat objects, like a marble slab, take up much less room than large angular ones like a chandelier. As a result, regardless of weight, the dimensions can greatly influence the costs of your parcel shipment.
  • Handler: We partner with operators such as Royal Mail to ensure safe, secure and prioritised mailing. However, different couriers have slightly different rates (for different weights) so prices can vary between carriers.
  • Insurance: If you are sending high-value items, such as an antique or jewellery, then you may need extra cover. Insured parcel post costs are always higher than uninsured ones, and certain cover can cost quite a lot.
  • Tracking: You can get precise and real-time tracking both nationally and overseas with our services. However, if your bespoke service plan uses our extensive tracking capabilities then postage costs can be higher overall.
  • Drop off or collection: Our team creates service plans that dovetail perfectly with your business, so we can pick up or receive your parcels directly from you before shipping. Collection usually costs more to do.
  • Recorded delivery: Recorded, or registered delivery, has a higher cost because of additional security checks and the need to obtain proof of receivership. Recorded delivery can come with or without online tracking.
  • Special delivery: Special delivery services, such as delivering between 9 am and 1 pm, will cost more. Guaranteed delivery times also come with online tracking and immediate receipts for the mail once they are delivered.
  • Hand delivery: We offer hand delivery for confidential documents and time-critical deliveries using our couriers. Taking advantage of our superb satellite-tracked fleet and experienced drivers can influence parcel costs.

As you can see, many things can influence the price of shipping for your parcels. We always aim to keep parcel post costs as low as possible and can leverage our impressive infrastructure to help minimise the costs for all kinds of businesses.

How to Lower Parcel Post Costs Yourself

packets and parcels post delivery

You should never compromise on the quality of your postage as this will harm your customers. However, there are a few things you can do to try and help minimise the overall price you pay for parcel delivery, such as the following:

  • Use appropriate packaging: We have all experienced the bizarre packaging of certain providers, which is often wasteful and excessive. Using suitable packaging and only the necessary materials will help minimise waste and reduce your overall parcel post costs.
  • Use franking machines: Labelling comes with a severe time cost that pushes the overall parcel shipment price higher. Franking machines are available for small businesses, and you can also use the ones included within our service plans for a greater saving on parcel shipping prices.
  • Recycle your packing materials: If you are packing parcels in your own warehouse space then using things like old newspapers instead of new packing paper can provide you significant savings. This also boosts your company’s eco-credentials, something you can use to find new customers.

There are a few things you can do yourself, but the best way to lower parcel post costs is to use a specialist delivery service such as ours. We are confident that we can find a cost-effective solution – with exceptional levels of service to match.

Find Out More About Parcel Post Costs for Your Business

Whether you are selling 50 items on eBay or 100,000+ on Amazon we are confident that we can provide a competitively priced option, with the best levels of client service. Our responsive and proactive team members are there to assist you and can tweak your delivery plan to keep parcel post costs manageable.

Whether you want express delivery in the local area or signed delivery internationally, we can find the perfect plan to enhance the capabilities of your business. You will never have to worry about slow deliveries or unnecessary costs with us! Use our calculator or contact us for a direct parcel delivery quote today.