Brexit Planning Checklist

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BrexitBrexit Planning Checklist

Whatever the outcome of Brexit negotiations, rest assured that The Delivery Group is at hand to support you every step of the way.

As things stand we will leave the EU on 31st December with no deal. This means that all ‘Goods’ going cross border – Internationally and into Northern Ireland – will need declaring in accordance with WTO (World Trade Organisation) terms.

Whilst TDG systems will facilitate these declarations into final mile carriers, ultimately the declaration content itself will become a legal requirement from you.  Shipments will become subject to customs clearance and inspections, with tax and duties being imposed accordingly, based on the country of destination, value and nature of goods.

We’ve provided a very simple checklist which covers off all the things that you need to do. If anything is confusing or unclear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager.

  1. VAT & EORI numbers – To continue to trade internationally you’ll need to be UK and EU VAT Registered. You will also need to hold a UK (and NI) as well as an EU EORI number –
  2. Integrate and Share with TDG – TDG will require BOTH your export (UK) and import (EU) VAT and UK, EU and XI EORI numbers – these can be held within DocketHub. Ensure your systems are integrated with Dockethub for label and customs document generation.
  3. Fiscal representation – You may need to appoint a fiscal representative (depending which countries you will be selling into). Failure to do so may result in blocked applications and fines. (Avalara can help here):
  4. Know how to classify your goods – You need to know how to classify your goods, including: a. HS Codes (Harmonised System – global standard for identifying a particular product – 8 digit minimum, preferably 10 digits).
  5. Actual description of goods; Origin of goods, Value of goods.

These will need to be supplied for ALL overseas ‘goods’ shipments regardless of whether using a tracked or untracked service.

  1. Correct Customs documentation – Customs Invoices will need to be prepared and sent for all Tracked Commercial and Express routes – for ALL overseas shipments. Dockethub will create this but you need to submit accurate data.
  2. Export licence – You may also need to apply for an Export license if Exporting specific Goods from the UK –
  3. Duties calculator (for DDP) – If you wish to send items via a DDP solution, you will need to be able to calculate the duties to be paid per shipment and illustrate on your Website or eCommerce payment gateway. Avalara can support here.
  5. Update Incoterms – You will need to update your T&Cs to reflect changes – Incoterms (International Commercial Terms). i.e.
  6. Where will the Goods be delivered?
  7. Who arranges and pays for the transport?
  8. Who is responsible for the insurance of the goods and who pays the insurance premium? d. Who handles customs procedures and who pays duties and taxes