Secured Mail Clicks For Customers

Go back 14 Sep 2016

As a groundswell of retail transactions shifts from bricks and mortar to mobile clicks The Delivery Group’s Secured Mail says that improved tracking that puts the customer at the centre of their parcel’s journey will yield significant competitive advantage.

The specialist sorted and unsorted mail delivery business predicts that retailers limiting delivery choices to a specified day are pursuing a high-risk strategy when it comes to retaining customers.

Secured Mail CEO, Mark Bigley, says that customers expect to be able to follow their delivery’s journey from their phone or tablet – rather than seeing it as an added benefit.

He said: “Using our app customers will have access to full visibility, allowing them to track their postal item real-time and have certainty around when it will arrive.  Customers want a clear and easy-to-use interface that gives immediate information – retailers who ignore them do so at their peril.”

The application gives real time information for a consignment as it progresses through its route.  Tracking follows it through the company’s automated network and indicates if and when it is handed over to Royal Mail for final mile delivery. This milestone tracking allows the end customer and the company’s client access to progress and expected delivery timeframes.

The solution can also trigger email and text formatting.