The Delivery Group invests in state of the art sorting technology

Go back 21 May 2016

The new sortation system, which sorts mail destined for the UK and abroad, has the capacity to handle custom delivery routes and provide full management information tracking. The innovative software reads both typed and handwritten addresses and has the ability to print on demand either direct to mail or via a label. The system also offers a return mail function for efficient and accurate handling of undelivered or returned mail.

Steve Stokes, CEO of CMS Network, which specialises in managed mail and international courier services, said: “This investment has been part of a collaborative approach with Bowe Systec, whose UK postal market expertise is first class. Our decision to work with Bowe Systec was based on long standing partnership with our sister company Secured Mail.

“This is a hugely exciting time for CMS and we are confident that our customers will benefit from this investment.”

Bowe Systec tops the list of European suppliers for high performance systems for dispatching sensitive documents such as insurance policies and plastic cards. The company also specialised in software concepts and comprehensive mailroom solutions.