Electronic Customs Data & S10 Barcodes – The Detail Explained

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From the 1st January 2019 The Universal Postal Union (UPU) requires you to provide electronic customs data when sending ‘goods’ across border.

Countries are adopting the submission of electronic data at variable speeds due to their existing IT infrastructure and ability to embrace change but from next year the expectation is that most countries will apply the changes more rigorously.

There are benefits to the legislation including smoother and more efficient transit times with fewer delays and subsequently fewer customer complaints.

What items are affected?

  • Untracked international items, with an intrinsic value. Including large letters, packets and e-commerce. Printer matter is not affected.
    What you need to remember:
    • Goods to display an S10 barcode attached to the label as well as a customs declaration (CN22/23)
  • Advanced Electronic Data (AED) to be submitted, in the form of an electronic manifest advising the details declared on your CN22/23.
  • Harmonised System codes (otherwise known as HS or Tariff Codes) form part of the data requested on your customs declaration form (CN22/23).

The UPU requires these customs forms to be completed accurately and in full to facilitate a rapid clearance in the recipient country.

The submission of S10 barcodes and AED is a global customs requirement with the EU introducing it from January 2020.  These changes will also help you be prepared for a hard Brexit or no deal scenario. 

Help is on hand

Our customers will still be able to access our multi carrier international solution via Dockethub and by doing so this will ensure your labels are compliant.  As your trusted partner we will raise and return the S10 barcode and send the relevant information to the end carrier as an electronic manifest.

You can find the HMRC Trade Tariff Codes here . To use it, simply type in a description of your item(s) and the website tool will generate your code.

If you have any questions our team are always here to help. Simply contact your Account Manager for more advice.