Go digital with your stamp this Christmas!

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In a world where digital communication is second nature, Direct Mail is proving a vital part of the marketing mix.  Studies show that email campaigns are more recognisable if customers also receive a related direct mailer.

If you’re using direct mail in the run up to Black Friday and Christmas, you know your advertising is landing directly into the hands of your customer when you need it to most, and research shows that direct mail increases positive brand awareness.

70% of people feel valued and appreciated

70% think better of the sending company

65% are likely to give it their full attention

87% rate it ‘believable’

*Statistics by Royal Mail


Digital Stamp – Boost your opening rates

Only occasionally do we receive a stamped addressed envelope, but when we do, it can increase our perception of the mail piece and we are far more likely to open it.

This Christmas in partnership with Royal Mail we are giving our customers the opportunity to make their direct mail even more attractive with the new Christmas Digital Stamp.  A full colour, realistic styled digital stamp printed directly onto the envelope.

Take a look at the new stamp and download you user guide here.

For more information on this year’s Royal Mail Christmas Digital Stamp or to find out if you are eligible to use it, please contact your Account Manager or email smdigitalstamp@thedeliverygroup.co.uk.