Highest Customer Service Ranking for our New Pallet Service

Go back 27 Jan 2020

Our new pallet service – introduced just last year – has been awarded top-level performance figures by Pallet Track.

We announced our entry into the pallet market in July last year via a partnership with established experts Pallet-Track. Under the terms of the partnership, The Delivery Group operates as a Pallet-Track shareholder member, utilising the company’s national network for collections and trunking access throughout the UK.

Pallet-Track ranks all of its members according to performance targets, with its Platinum ranking serving as recognition of 99%+ service excellence. We achieved its Platinum ranking within just six months – a timeframe which included peak period. The next step is to build on this success.

Mark Calladine, our Group e-Commerce & International Director, comments: “Our operations team, with support from management, has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of excellence, refusing to accept that our previous best couldn’t be improved. We’re absolutely delighted that our hard work and dedication to offering the best possible service to the network has been recognised by Pallet Track.

“This recognition will undoubtedly help us to grow the pallet-side of the business, including delivery into some of the most challenging central London postcodes. As our reputation grows within the network, we look forward to attracting more business and increasing volumes throughout 2020 and beyond.