Mail Matters

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Mail Matters More Than Ever

A new report from Royal Mail outlines the vital role that physical mail is playing in today’s Covid- disrupted landscape.
In its report, Royal Mail states that during the first lockdown a record 96% of all mail was engaged with. Frequency of exposure to mail was at its highest ever recorded, and mail-driven online behaviour has increased by 70%.

The pandemic has changed consumer behaviour – perhaps forever. People are spending more time at home – they have more opportunity to open and analyse the mail that they receive. And this is not just a passing phenomenon. All indicators point to people working-from-home far more frequently than before the pandemic struck.
Put simply, mail is establishing itself – or re-establishing itself – as the channel for today. Other key findings from the report include:

  • The average item of mail is interacted with 4.51 times and reach is up 4%: both metrics are at their highest level ever
  • It’s not just older age-groups that are responding more to mail. The biggest rise in engagement with mail came from people aged 18 to 34 – potentially because of the relative novelty of receiving post

When it comes to advertising, it is not a case of using either mail or digital. Print plays a major role in driving consumers to digital – the report states that when primed by mail, people spend 30% longer looking at social ads.

‘In home’ is set to be a major part of our future, and businesses will need to work hard to reach out and stand out.
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