Peak – Tips For a Seamless Season

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From August to January our network is in Peak season so it’s time to start planning your mailings. To ensure we plan our resources effectively and support you in providing a fast, efficient service during the 2019 peak, please follow these useful tips;


Mail Forecasting

  • All mailsort jobs require an accurate collection date.
  • If a mailing requires a date change please make this amendment within DocketHub. If you are unsure how to change a collection date please contact your Account Manager.
  • Please note, all mailing amendments should be completed within Docket Hub by 13:00 on the expected mailing day. If a mailing is profiled over a number of days please inform your Account Manager who will be happy to support you.
  • Please ensure your 7 day and 24 hour forecasts are completed and submitted prior to your proposed mailing date.


Mail Presentation

  • With our new Bristol Hub opening as part of TDG’s continuing growth, mail segregation by depot is a huge focus. Ensuring your mail is presented correctly, including relevant cage carding and segregating containers at hub level, will support us in processing your mail as efficiently as possible. Please ensure all containers without exception are cage carded using TDG’s new cage cards. The information contained within each cage card supports our teams in identifying all volume and allows us to tranship effectively throughout the network.


Packets & Parcels Forecasting

Whilst we appreciate specific volumes may be difficult to define to a daily figure, we do require an accurate daily unit forecast to assist with our logistical planning.

  • Please note it may not be possible to accept un-forecasted units within your normal collection, therefore early forecasting of spikes in volume will assist us greatly.
  • During Peak we will operate using a 20% tolerance to forecasted units.
  • Please ensure your 7 day and 24 hour forecasts are completed and submitted prior to your proposed mailing date.


Packets & Parcel Presentation

We provide many ways of producing a compliant shipping label that supports access to our automated processing.

Please note, those customers who are not currently integrated with The Delivery Group’ IT system and require a shipping label to be produced at Hub may be subject to longer injection and delivery times. For support in transferring over to one of our many solutions, please contact your Account Manager. To ensure mail compliance, all items may be subject to random revenue protection checks.



During Peak, consumables will be in very high demand. We require advanced notice of all consumable requests, the table below shows our required lead times:


Number of Magnums / Card Magnums / Yorks No of days’ notice
0-50 5 working days
51-100 10 working days
100+ 15 working days



Trays / Bags / Bundles / Labels No of days’ notice
0 – 1000 5 working days
1000 – 5000 10 working days
5001+ 15 working days


Please note, key National postings will require 4 weeks’ notice.



Please send your 24 hour unit forecast confirmation by 13:00 for the following working days collection.  Adhoc/additional collection requests must also be sent by 13:00 the day before the required day of collection.

Should you wish to cancel a collection please contact our Client Services team before 3pm the day before your scheduled collection. Our team can be contacted on 03330 111 999 or at


Any collections not cancelled which result in there being nothing to collect on arrival will be subject to a charge of £75, as per our terms and conditions.


Our operating times over the August Bank Holiday period are:


Collection Date Estimated Drop Date*
Thursday 22nd August 24th / 27th August
Friday 23rd August 27th / 28th August
Saturday 24th August By pre-planned agreement only **
Sunday 25th August No collections (Business closed)
Monday 26th August No Collections (Business closed)
Tuesday 27th August 29th / 30th August
Wednesday 28th August 30th / 31st August
Thursday 29th August 31st August / 2nd September
Friday 30th August 2nd / 3rd September


*Please note these are estimated dates and subject to Royal Mail performance and weather conditions.

Our Client Services team will be on hand every step of the way.  You can contact them by telephone on 03330 111 999 or by emailing