Postage Costs | How to Keep Rates Low and What Affects Delivery Prices

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We have many fantastic UK parcel delivery and international postage options available for businesses. If you offer free postage as part of an eCommerce company then you will find that saving money can be difficult when you offer the best delivery options, such as 1st class, 2nd class letters or parcels and next working day delivery services.

Our letter prices, parcel prices and pallet rates enable customers to send parcels, letters and much more at the cheapest possible costs. We do this by incorporating the following into our supply chain:

  • Automation: We use automated sortation, scanning and a range of other smart technologies. Eliminating the chance of human error messing up a shipment is a great boon for small businesses looking to keep their postage costs low.
  • Infrastructure: Our leading fulfilment and mail handling services see us handle over 1 billion items per year. As a result, we have the infrastructure to help meet high demand. With over 500 employees we make sure every cost is streamlined.
  • Experience: Having provided fulfilment services for more than 10 years we simply understand the nuances of handling mail well. With reliable, well-trained staff with long experience in the trade, we pass on the best results and postage costs to you!

Whether you are sending a small volume of packages within the UK or large volumes internationally, we can help by offering the fastest, most reliable results – all at the most cost-effective prices.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you want to minimise your postage costs and maximise the service capabilities of your business today.

How to Work Out and Minimise Postage Costs

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Getting a parcel, letter, pallet or other mail delivered on time and with a cost-effective price is a huge challenge for the businesses we work with. You will see how much lower we can get your postage costs when you contact us to build your bespoke service plan.

However, there are a few things that influence costs. You could simply try to avoid these types of mail but you can find more cost-effective solutions that do not inhibit your trade, such as our mail handling service. Postage costs are typically influenced by the following:

  • International delivery: Sending something abroad from the UK is possible to do cheaply but it requires careful planning and logistics to keep the base rates low. Customs laws, punitive shipping rates and the rules of local hubs often make international delivery expensive. Global delivery is a key need of our customers.
  • Large items: White goods, such as fridges, freezers and ovens, are among the most cumbersome to ship and require special handling – often using pallets. Large, bulky things like motorcycles, surfboards and canoes are also very awkward to pack and handle, whether in a lorry, shipping container or anywhere else.
  • Restricted items: Substances such as alcohol, certain drugs, types of seeds, animal products and many other items are subject to severe restriction in some areas. For example, seeds can pollute environments in ecosystems such as Australia, and substances such as alcohol may be completely banned in many countries too.
  • Returns: People returning their items can cause a big increase in postage costs, particularly if you have a flurry of returns from a spoiled batch of defective items. We keep the costs of returns as minimal as possible, as well as offering secure transit to guarantee that all items arrive undamaged – as the customer expects.
  • Taxes and fines: Shipping internationally is possible to arrange using set rates negotiated between jurisdictions, but some goods are subject to fines or other penalties. This is often the case when sending things internationally, where the item is perfectly fine in one country but taxed, banned or restricted in the other.
  • Packaging: Poor packaging can cause costs to rise, most notably because of the damage that can occur to the goods. Excess packaging is also a cause of higher costs, with a cumulative effect building up your cost burden. Getting the balance of packing materials right is a very delicate area.

We use amazing infrastructure, incredible investment and stellar support staff so you can ship, track and scale up or down your shipping – without ever worrying about postage costs being too high. Our team can often beat the price for very large, bulky items.

Lower Your Postage Costs with Our Mail Handling Service

You can maintain cost-effective rates for your customers that do not eat into your profits by using our highly efficient and streamlined services. Whether you are sending a letter, parcel or pallet we can help a business optimise their mail needs.

Whatever low price we offer you, it will always be possible to get your items shipped quickly and reliably with us. Our team can also provide an account manager to be on hand to answer any questions. Please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.