Rewards for Increasing your Direct Mail Volumes

Go back 01 Mar 2017

The Delivery Group,  working in conjunction with Royal Mail are taking part in two new incentive schemes, offering discounts in the form of postage credits that can be redeemed with The Delivery Group.  

These incentives are in addition to the ‘Scheme for Growth‘, launched last year, which has been extended until April 2018.

  • The ‘First Time User‘ scheme is for customers who have never used advertising mail or who haven’t used it for the previous two years. Customers can qualify for discounts of between 2.5p-15p an item, depending on product and service used, for up to three mailing campaigns within a 12 month period.
  • The ‘Testing and Innovation‘ scheme offers discounts for customers testing new mail applications such as a Welcome pack or including promotional messages on statements and invoices. Discounts vary between 15% for Advertising Mail and 30% for Business Mail. In the case of Business Mail there is an additional offer of a 10% discount for six months to support the roll out if the test is successful.

For the First Time User scheme, discounts are significantly higher for mailings completed before the 30th June 2017.

There is a promotional ‘double discount’ for customers using the Scheme for Growth who send incremental items above their forecast during February and March 2017.


If you require any further information on the incentive schemes, please contact your Account Manager.