Royal Mail Testing and Innovation Scheme

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Would you like to test different ways in which your Business Mail and Advertising Mail can deliver even greater results?

You might like to test a loyalty mailing to your valued customers, introduce a welcome pack to promote retention or test the impact of messaging on your statements. Whatever you want to test, be innovative and use the incentive…

The Facts
• You will get a discount rate of c.30% off the access price (6.5p – 23p) for Business Mail testing over a 6 month test period and then c10% discount of the access price (2.2p – 7.7p) for 6 months for tests which progress to roll out.

• A discount of c15% of the access price (2.5p – 10.5p) for Advertising Mail testing over a 6 month test period.

• You’ll receive these discounts in the form of postage credits.

• This offer is valid from 1st February 2017 and will be accepted until 31st January 2018.

Who is Eligible?
If you are a Business Mail or Advertising Mail customer who meets the application criteria, are sending at least 10k items and can measure your testing activity over a 6 month period, then you are eligible. It is available for eligible letter and large letter services. To qualify for Business Mail tests you’ll need to plan a series of mailings over the testing period to measure success. Royal Mail ask that subject to testing success you commit to rolling out the new mail activity. For Advertising Mail a single campaign can be tested. We can guide you on your qualifying activity.

Getting started – How to apply
To apply for this offer please complete and return the attached application forms (Admail or Business Mail), should you need assistance in its completion please contact your Secured Mail Account Manager who will be happy to help.  Once you are happy with your application please send to