Tips for Peak Success

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As we head into the festive season, it’s time to start planning your mailings.

To ensure we plan our resources effectively and support you in providing a fast, efficient service during the 2019 peak season, we’ve put together our Tips for Peak Success.

In this pack you’ll find everything you need to know about forecasting, item presentation, consumables, collections and our opening times over the festive season.

Recommended posting dates for Christmas and New Year:


Collection Date
Estimated Drop Date
Packets & Parcels
Estimated Drop Date
Monday 9th December 11th / 12th December 12th / 13th December
Tuesday 10th December 12th / 13th December 13th / 14th December
Wednesday 11th December 13th / 14th December 14th / 16th December
Thursday 12th December 14th / 16th December 16th / 17th December
Friday 13th December 16th / 17th December 17th / 18th December
Saturday 14th December Collections* Collections*
Sunday 15th December No collections No collections
Monday 16th December 18th / 19th December 19th / 20th December
Tuesday 17th December 19th / 20th December 20th / 21st December
Wednesday 18th December 20th / 21st December 21st / 23rd December
Thursday 19th December 21st / 23rd December 23rd / 24th December
Friday 20th December 23rd / 24th December 24th / 27th December
Saturday 21st December Business Closed Business Closed
Sunday 22nd December No collections No collections
Monday 23rd December 27th / 28th December 28th / 30th December
Tuesday 24th December Collections* Collections*
Wednesday 25th December Business closed Business closed
Thursday 26th December Business closed Business closed
Friday 27th December 30th / 31st December* 31st December / 2nd January*
Saturday 28th December Collections* Collections*
Sunday 29th December No collections No collections
Monday 30th December 2nd / 3rd January* 3rd / 4th January*
Tuesday 31st December 3rd / 4th January 4th / 6th January
Wednesday 1st January Business closed Business closed
Thursday 2nd January Business as usual.  4th / 6th January 6th / 7th January

*By pre-planned agreement only

Our Client Services team will be on hand every step of the way.  You can contact them by telephone on 03330 111 999

We thank you for your continued relationship as we maintain our tailored service to you.  We look forward to working closely with you over the coming months and to having a successful peak season.