What Does Two Business Day Shipping Mean?

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A variety of UK postal providers offer two business day shipping on items. In this quick guide from The Delivery Group, we’ll show you which UK providers offer two business day shipping, the timings needed to take advantage of this, and the processes to follow should your parcel not arrive in two business days.

Who Offers Two Business Day Shipping in the UK?

There are a wide variety of delivery options in the UK, with several companies offering 2-day shipping. Both Royal Mail and its associated Parcelforce brand offer a 48 hour delivery, express48 for Parcelforce and Tracked 48 for the Royal Mail. Parcelforce will send up a parcel of up to 30kg, collecting from you or allowing drop off at any Post Office. Both services are fully tracked. Yodel offers a two day shipping option, as part of its Yodel Xpress service. 

Unlike Royal Mail, Yodel delivers on Saturdays as standard. Hermes aims to deliver its standard parcels within 2 to 3 days, though obviously they do not guarantee a two day delivery. To find the latest shipping costs for these providers, simply enter the details of your parcel onto their websites.

In the UK there are a variety of 1 day delivery options, though these come with a premium price tag. There are also options for international shipping, with Royal Mail sending parcels to Europe with a standard delivery time of 3 to 5 business days, and the rest of the world in 6 to 7 business days.

Timings for Two Business Day Delivery

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A business day is a day on which business is normally done, typically Monday through Friday. Public holidays, such as Christmas Day, are also not counted as business days. If a delivery window is two business days, this would not include the day on which the delivery was sent, even if that was a business day. So if a two business day delivery was sent on Monday it would be delivered on Wednesday. 

If a two business day delivery was sent on Friday, it would be delivered on Tuesday, as Saturday and Sunday are not business days. As already stated, in the UK some delivery companies do deliver throughout the weekend, or at least on Saturday, like Yodel. Parcelforce will deliver on Saturdays for an additional £7.50 surcharge per consignment. For Parcelforce it is worth placing your order as soon as possible to ensure your parcel is collected on the day you place the order. The last collection each day is at 5:30pm, though Parcelforce makes no specific guarantees of a set cutoff time for same day collection.

What to Do When Something Goes Wrong?

In the unlikely event that your parcel doesn’t arrive in two working days, the first thing to do is check the tracking number. All contemporary shipping companies offer tracked mail, showing you the approximate or specific location of your goods and the times they have moved. This should show you if there has been a hold up in the delivery process. While this is frustrating, there is not a lot that you can do, though you may be able to receive a partial refund. Parcelforce for example will refund 25% of the delivery cost if your parcel doesn’t arrive by the stated time. 

If the worst should happen, and your parcel is lost, most providers include a small insurance amount. Parcelforce offers cover of up to £100 on it’s express48 service, Yodel offers £25 liability on it’s two day shipping, and Hermes will cover up to £20 on it’s parcel delivery, excluding postable parcels.

Shipping for Your Business from The Delivery Group

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