What is Recorded Delivery?

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What is Recorded Delivery? And How Does it Benefit Your Ecommerce Business?

Recorded deliveryOur team at The Delivery Group are dedicated to providing clients around the globe with exceptional transport and delivery services tailored to their exact requirements.

As there are a number of different delivery options available, understanding which one you require can often be difficult. We strive to make delivery easy and accessible to all clients, and it’s therefore important to understand what each service offers and their benefits.

What is the difference between registered post and recorded delivery?

Both terms are interchanged, as they are one in the same. Registered post is also known as recorded delivery, both provide the same service: to send items (letters, parcels, pallets etc) safely and securely.

Being recorded, they are far less likely to become lost in the post or during transport. Recorded delivery is now often by the majority of mailing services and provides senders with a proof of mailing receipt and requires proof of receivership or proof that an attempt to deliver was made.

However, it is worth noting that recorded delivery does not include a tracking system, this is a separate service. Recorded delivery is a standard postal service that you combine with first and second class mail delivery.

The difference between recorded delivery and normal post

Recorded delivery essentially provides the sender with a more secure form of mailing. Upon delivery, the recipient will need to sign or provide some proof of receivership, which the sender will receive confirmation from. Recorded post is also covered to up £50 (unless otherwise specified by your mailing provider).

Normal post does not require proof of receivership, it is less secure and the only way to know your post has been delivered is from contacting the intended recipient. For an extra 68p, it is well worth investing in recorded post. For ecommerce sellers, or those who frequently sell goods online, recorded delivery is a necessity. It protects you for any customers who claim they have not received the parcel or post, or, if the item is lost, you should be able to get a refund or claim the lost items on insurance.

Tracked delivery is also strongly advised for ecommerce and other online sellers.

What is the difference between recorded delivery post and special delivery?

Much like tracked delivery, special delivery ensures the mailer will be sent a receipt when the item has been delivered to the recipient and also includes a timed delivery feature. This feature guarantees delivery between 9am or 1pm the next day and includes tracking (you can also opt for first class recorded delivery). The main difference between special delivery and recorded delivery is the guarantee of delivery between specified times.

What is tracked delivery?

Many mailing services are now offering tracked delivery services to mailers who require extra security and want to track their items’ journey and delivery paths. This service is particularly helpful for ecommerce traders and people who are transporting goods across long distances or internationally.

It simply adds more security and constant visualisation over your items’s journey. In the event of your items or goods becoming lost during transport, you will be able to track back to where they were lost, offering a greater chance of locating the lost goods.

Our bespoke tracking system comes with a unique number you can use to track and monitor your goods delivery paths. With this, you will also receive

Other benefits of this service include:

  • Tracked overnight deliveries
  • Tracking on any post, parcel or pallet
  • Guaranteed UK overnight delivery services (via our partnership agreements)
  • Money saved on international tracking costs
  • We work alongside the Royal Mail to ensure safe, secure and prioritised mailing

Who benefits most from tracked and recorded delivery?

Ecommerce platforms will benefit the most from tracking and recording their deliveries.

eBay, Amazon and ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce and online sellers must ensure their postage system is streamlined to ensure goods arrive on time safely and securely. Provide your customers with exceptional service and around the clock support to ensure that there are no reasons for them to question your service. You need to ensure that your mailing service is faster, safer and more flexible than your competitors, so be sure to select a delivery company that can match your requirements and best your competitors.

Customers returning goods

Although companies like ASOS offer free returns and recording on their deliveries, some companies will not offer this service. Therefore, it’s strongly advised you opt for recorded delivery to ensure your items are returned to the original sender and you can confirm proof of receivership.

Highly important or prioritised mail

For customers looking to send time-sensitive and/or important documents or parcels, we strongly advise you combine recorded delivery with tracking. Our service also provides next day delivery for items or gifts that cannot arrive a day later and if you opt for tracking, you can monitor your items’ journey right the way through to delivery.

What is the cost of recorded delivery?

The cost of recorded delivery depends on a number of factors, such as the weight, size and volume of items you’re mailing. For your free, tailored quote, please contact us via telephone or email and we will supply you with an immediate quote on your items.

Should you use recorded delivery?

Recorded delivery is a viable option for people looking to send their items knowing they require proof of receivership upon delivery. This method offers peace of mind to the sender. However, if you are sending multiple items or are a business who plans to send hundreds or thousands of items regularly, we would advise to invest in tracked delivery. Maintaining a high level of customer service is essential to allow your business to grow and develop trust between customers and businesses.

Streamline your delivery service today

Our team at The Delivery Group provide a range of mailing and transport services tailored to your exact requirements whether you’re a start-up ecommerce business looking for a discounted third-party mailing service to send your goods, or a large corporate agency seeking to streamline your service, we provide the solutions.