International Parcel Shipping

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International Parcel Shipping

Here at The Delivery Group, international parcel shipping is made easier than ever. While you may think that shipping internationally is still an extremely expensive and time-consuming task that can take weeks or months of planning, that is all a thing of the past; especially when choosing The Delivery group for overseas parcel delivery needs. 

With the rise of super-fast delivery times domestically, it is only natural that international package shipping would follow suit. The form is constantly being upgraded, and great strides in modern logistical practices, global infrastructure, and delivery networks take international delivery services where it is today, showing that they can be completed within windows of time and prices smaller than previously thought possible. 


The Delivery Group makes international parcel shipping more convenient than ever, as you’ll be able to choose from a range of the most cost-effective international courier services available at your fingertips. You can choose delivery solutions to even the furthest corners of the globe from the UK – including the USA, Japan, and Australia. For more information on our international parcel delivery services, read more here.

If you have a need for international parcel shipping, choose The Delivery Group. As the best international courier in the UK, cheap worldwide shipping and the shortest transit times possible are all within reach, get your quote today.

Where Can The Delivery Group Ship?

The Delivery Group offers the best services for international parcel shipping by sea, air, and road. This means that our couriers are able to reach any destination throughout the planet. Looking to ship international parcels? Destinations for your package include:



Boasting the largest economy in the world, Europe is host to several nations renowned for their unparalleled culture, education, and overall standard and quality of living. Although the United Kingdom may not be a part of the European Union, it is still geographically a part of Europe alongside political heavyweights France, Germany, and transcontinental Russia. 

Due to the UK being The Delivery Group’s place of origin, low-cost deliveries throughout the continent are guaranteed.



Spanning nearly 45 million km², Asia is the largest continent on the planet. Asia is also home to more than half of the population of Earth. With the sheer number of people living here, it is no wonder that there is an absolutely massive demand for imports from western countries like the UK and the USA. 

Strong relationships with China, Japan, and India also means that international trade is a continuously thriving medium. Choosing The Delivery Group means you’ll be securing the cheapest, highest quality, deliveries to Asia due to our strong relationships with couriers throughout the continent.



Although Africa is the second largest continent on Earth in terms of total landmass size and population count, Africa has the most countries than any other continent on the planet. 

The French and English colonial ties and history of the continent means that mainland Africa has strong ties to Europe, making shipping easier with sea lanes and routes that have been used for centuries. These tried-and-tested routes make shipments of Africa’s biggest exporters, like raw materials and foodstuffs, easier than ever with couriers in constant demand. 



Oceania is technically a content of its own, however, the name is used as a more enveloping term that encompasses many of the islands located throughout the Pacific Ocean – including larger countries like Australia and New Zealand. 

Although these islands are more remote than the larger inland countries, The Delivery Group works with expert couriers who work tirelessly to ensure your parcels sent to Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji are as easy as sending anywhere else in the world. 


North America

North America is not only home to the world’s most internationally recognisable country, the United States of America, but also other global powers like Mexico and Canada. The USA and the UK have very strong ties, as well as the USA having strong ties with the rest of Europe, meaning that our chosen couriers and shippers are well-versed in trans-Atlantic shipping. 

When you choose The Delivery Group for shipping to North America, you can send at express speeds for lower prices than anywhere else.

South America

You’ll find the Amazon rainforest and the world’s greatest sporting nations in South America. With countries like Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Uruguay continuing to go from strength to incredible strength in terms of economic and living standards, South America’s import economy is also growing rapidly. 

As there is such a high demand for sending parcels to South America, you’re sending your parcels internationally at a very prosperous time.

How do I ship a Package Internationally?

When you choose The Delivery Group for your international parcel shipping needs, we make the whole process easier than ever. From the moment you make your booking with us, to changing or rescheduling your consignment, to tracking and any customer service issues you may have, The Delivery Group ensures that the entire planet is at your fingertips.



All of our bespoke prices include all applicable surcharges. The only things you need to supply are accurate sizes and weights of when you’re shipping when you book with us. 

If your parcel is large in dimension, but not heavy, it may have a size based weight applied. This is known as volumetric weight, and the way this is calculated differs by each carrier. 

When you choose The Delivery Group, you’ll always get the best international parcel shipping rates. 

Collection and Drop Off Services

At The Delivery Group, we offer collection and drop off services for your packages, parcels, and shipments. Your collections can also be rescheduled or rebooked within the tracking section for your parcel, a great solution for those who lead busy lives and require flexibility. 

We also offer drop-off locations for most of our couriers, a convenient solution if you’d rather not wait around all day for a courier to appear. Even if you’ve booked a collection service from our couriers, you may also be able to drop off your parcel at a convenient location if you change your mind. Simply take a look in the tracking section for your parcel to check if it is eligible.

warehouse packing operations with a worker packing a parcel with a tape gun

Labelling and Packaging Services

Our fulfilment and shipping experts can help to produce all of your necessary shipping documents. If you don’t have a printer at home or on your property, we also offer printerless collection and QR code drop off options. 

Remember, you will need to ensure your items are safely packaged and ready for shipping prior to collection.

Tracking and Delivery

Tracking services are also available when you choose The Delivery Group, meaning that you can track your shipment from door to door and ensure the safe arrival of whatever you send abroad. 

Within the tracking area for your parcel, you can also take care of a few other things relating to managing the collection and delivery of your parcel. This includes changing the collection date, rebooking, choosing to drop off your parcel, and even the ability to change your chosen courier to another.

post delivery bristol


When sending outside the UK, or even when importing items into the UK, your shipment will have to travel through the chosen country’s customs system. This will require the accurate filling out of legal documents to ensure your parcel arrives safely, without needing to be sent back to you. 

When you choose The Delivery Group, our delivery experts have been filling out these kinds of documents for years, meaning we can help you to enter all of the required information that the destination country needs. We can also help you to navigate any potential issues that may occur. 

What Can You Send for International Parcel Shipping?

Whether you have a package that needs to be urgently exported, send a document via postage, or import some freight to the UK, The Delivery Group is able to offer a full range of international parcel shipping services that can meet your individual needs. 

Every country has different rules and restrictions when sending items abroad, especially when it comes to sending food. Unsurprisingly, importing alien plant species to their country can lead to extreme worry for country officials. 

As a general rule with foods, most non-perishable store-bought food is safe to ship, but we do highly recommend reading up on your chosen country’s import/export restrictions. 

The 5 most commonly prohibited items for international parcel shipping include: 

  • Perfume
  • Batteries
  • Aerosols
  • Flammable liquids
  • Firearms

Please find more information on these international shipping packaging standards on the Royal Mail website, here.

Contact The Delivery Group to Begin International Parcel Shipping

If you’re looking to begin your international parcel shipping journey, choosing The Delivery Group gives you the best chance for a smooth, seamless, shipping journey for your package with the cheapest international shipping from the UK.

Whether you want to begin shipping big packages internationally, or small consignments, from door to door, you can track the progress of your international package shipping consignment in real-time.

For a quote with the guaranteed best international parcel shipping rates, get in touch with The Delivery Group.

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