Logistics Delivery Service

Expert Logistics Delivery Service

For any business looking to increase its shipments, or even for a company looking to go global with its goods, products, and items, having an expert logistics delivery service on side is a must. 

If you’re looking to grow your business and meet the demands of customers across the UK, Europe, and the wider world, for any delivery weight or size, The Delivery Group can offer the assistance you need. We will tailor our logistics services to your needs and the needs of your business, offering you the cost-effective and efficient shipping you need to see alongside the fast delivery times your customers will be expecting.

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Logistics vs. Delivery Services

Logistics and delivery services may appear to be the same service with the same offerings when you first look at them, but there are some key differences to note which may be important to remember for your business. 

A courier-style delivery service is generally used for smaller, or one-off deliveries that won’t have too great an impact on your business. A logistics delivery service, on the other hand, is an entirely managed system in which a large number of orders, materials, and general workflow are all carried out every day on behalf of any number of businesses. If you need a large number of items sent, or items that are large in size, you will need a logistics service.

What We Offer as a Logistics Delivery Company


The Delivery Group offers what is commonly known as a “third-party logistics” service. This means we will take on the combined role of distributor, warehouse, and order fulfilment operatives in your supply chain to ensure your goods arrive at their intended destination, at a deadline which suits both you and your customer. 

Our logistics solutions are available to businesses of all sizes, whether you are starting out with a small eCommerce venture and need to build up loyalty through express shipping and great customer service, or even if you own or manage a larger company and want to set up a regular door-to-door operation for your goods and products.

With our service on your side, you can expect to be covered for both national and global logistics deliveries, whether you need to send:

You can also expect these services to be tailored to suit your needs, right down to the budget you have available, as well as the needs of your customers. We understand that not every business will operate in the same way and that deliveries and distributions should be conducted according to the needs of the company we’re working with. As such, we will do everything we can to provide the service you need and nothing less.

Special Services

We are also able to offer special services, such as hand-delivered postal services in London, same-day courier services across major European cities, and specialist logistic express delivery services to addresses around the world. Speak with us today to learn more about each of these, and to find out what else we can provide for your business or online retail store when you need unique professional solutions to streamline your delivery network. Our team will be glad to help however you need.

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Our Process for Our Logistics Delivery Service


When you sign up with The Delivery Group to have goods distributed all over the world, you will be assigned your own dedicated account manager. These expert members of our team will be there to help guide you through each part of the process, and to help with any issues should something unexpected happen during any stage of the work. 

Your account manager will also be the one responsible for completing the paperwork involved with shipping and distribution. If you have any questions at all regarding your shipment, such as changing time slots for delivery or pick-up from customs clearances if you’re carrying out global deliveries, then they will be the team member to ask.

Express and Time-Specific Delivery

We understand the importance of offering a fast, efficient service, which is why we make it our aim to get shipments of goods to their destinations within three working days as a priority. However, we also offer express and time-specific service options if you need your items picked up and delivered on a tight schedule. 

monitoring fulfilment status of a recorded delivery

Trackable Deliveries

Every delivery that we complete can be fully tracked with help from our app, so if you would like to manage a shipment of goods that are heading for an international destination all you will have to do is put in the unique tracking number. This will tell you the stage your delivery is currently in real time, and the date it is due to arrive.


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Our aim is to make sure the distribution of your goods across the UK and around the world is carried out smoothly, efficiently, and at a price that is good for your budget. By utilising our expert logistics services for your own online company or business, you’ll find the whole process stays hassle-free and keeps your customers happy.

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