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Magazines are an excellent way to keep in touch with your audience and are a tried and true business model – niche magazines in particular continue to thrive, even in the digital era. Our mail handling service can help you get the best possible results. We will handle any kind of subscription mail, and other types of national and international mail delivery are also available. 

If you have a magazine or print publication we can help with our incredible service, which will give you the following benefits:

  • Fast delivery: When you use our service you will provide your audience with prompt, reliable delivery – with all types of mail arriving in excellent condition. There will never be any waiting for new issues by your readership, which is excellent for time-sensitive promotions, events organising and competitions.
  • Low prices: With low prices across all of our range of mail handling services, you will always have a cost-effective way of managing your magazine subscriptions. Our superb infrastructure lets you take advantage of the resources of a vast business. We have 8 national locations, over 500 employees, and handle over 1 billion items a year.
  • Advanced tracking and client support: Our team is on hand to support you with any questions, queries or problems, and will work with you to develop bespoke solutions within your service plan. We also offer tracking software so you can see exactly when magazines arrive, which is great for getting insights on response rates and other data.

Reward the loyalty of your audience with a first-class subscription service. We will distribute your subscription magazines locally, nationally or internationally – with pinpoint accuracy. You will see our professional and highly capable team is ready to handle your need for fast, low-cost results when you get in touch for a direct quote today.

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How Our Post & Mail Services Can Help Your Business

No matter what the scale of the mail you are distributing might be, it is a struggle to keep costs down. A key goal for all of our services is to help your business achieve this with minimal hassle. If you manage mail, magazine subscriptions or any other type of post for regular readers or subscribers to your business, our post service is the ideal solution.

Beneficial features of our post services for magazines and all other types of small mail items include the following:

  • National, international and local: If you offer subscription services for a niche product you probably have an extremely loyal audience, but a lot of the time this means sending mail abroad. We will create a bespoke service plan so that wherever you need to send mail it will arrive as fast as possible – at the lowest possible costs.
  • Sorted and unsorted: You can send free or subscription magazines to a business, apartment building, retirement community and other partially-addressed locations with our unsorted mail service. All unsorted mail arrives within 2 to 3 days and is ideal for smaller mailings, such as community directories or local news publications.
  • Multi-publication support: If you are a publisher, you probably have a wide range of magazine subscriptions to fulfil. Our mail magazine subscription services help to sort and manage complex subscriber lists with ease, and you can benefit from our easy collection and drop off options, meaning you only have to worry about a single load.
  • Uniformed drivers and advanced fleet: We use our strong fleet and specialist drivers to deliver your magazines, so they will be delivered with the same care, experience and assured performance as any other type of mail we handle. We are highly regarded in the UK, with sector-leading infrastructure – so you know your mail always has top support.

Mail magazine subscriptions are very much a reliable and desired form of connection and create links between businesses, communities and groups who share the same interests. Passions run high in niche publications and general interest magazines alike, and our service will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding subscribers.

Whether you manage a list of subscribers for medical journals, design magazines, technical manuals, a community gazette – or even fantasy role-playing games – we will be the reliable partner you need to give your audience a consistent experience.

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Our highly-competitive pricing, reliable delivery times and impressive levels of client support are available thanks to our position in the industry. With a turnover of over £250 million a year, we can support all scales of business and adapt if your needs or service model change.

There are many ways we can help to enhance your business, from lowering postage costs to freeing up more time for you to focus on other areas of your business. You will get a free, fast and bespoke quote for magazine subscription handling as soon as you get in touch with us.