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We can deliver pallets internationally for a fraction of the costs of other providers. Thanks to our tech-focused, cutting-edge logistics network, our international pallet shipping services are the best choice for any type of pallet. You always get excellent ocean freight rates and fast, dependable international freight delivery with us.

A pallet gives you the chance to expand shipments to include bulkier items. We help many businesses to ship the following types of goods using a pallet:

  • Televisions and other big, yet delicate technology products
  • Music and event equipment, such as speakers, lights and amplifiers
  • White goods, such as fridges, freezers, washing machines or tumble dryers
  • Large sports equipment, such as bicycles, skis, kayaks, canoes and surfboards

Our services form a vital lifeline for many different kinds of companies. Large-scale eCommerce merchants depend on our low international shipping rates for their business. We also offer pallet delivery services for many SMEs and larger businesses that require regular, reliable freight shipping across the globe.

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When you decide to partner with us for international shipments of any kind you will get the following benefits of our unique, bespoke service:

  • Low-shipping costs: With a huge network of top-class distribution and logistics operations across the UK and abroad, we can provide the best international pallet shipping at the lowest costs. Our turnover is £250 million per year, so we can offer any size of company access to shipping.
  • Smart tracking: Wooden pallets and plastic pallets will take some time to arrive at an international destination but with our super-smart tracking technology you can view your goods every step of the way. Better visibility and live updates make our tracking an important dimension of our service.
  • Personal account manager: As a partner in fulfilling your international pallet shipping requirements, we believe in a personal approach from a dedicated account manager. Your account manager monitors all of your shipping, and they are there if you require adjustments or have questions.

You can ship standard pallet sizes with wood packaging, plastic packaging and other types of loads too – it all depends on your needs. We create a fully bespoke service plan to get your pallets to their destination fast – and in a hassle-free way. You will see our team in action when you get in touch with us for your free quote.

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How Our International Pallet Delivery Works for Your Business


By having 50 years of experience in the trade we can help a smaller company to grow by giving them the quality delivery services that their customers demand. Ecommerce products can ship worldwide but getting it wrong on your own can cause considerable stress – and may even lose you a customer.

However, with our incredible pallet services, you can relax as your international pallet shipping requirements are completely outsourced. It works like so: 

  1. Pick your pallet size: We offer a quarter, half and also a full oversized international pallet shipping option – depending on the weight and amount of goods you wish to ship. Rates are higher for larger loads but our account manager will work with you in determining what is the best size.
  2. Have your goods picked up: Our delivery team will come to quickly pick up your goods so they are on their way as soon as possible. We take care of all scanning, packing and tracking. We also have resources that can help you with labelling goods, as well as many others to help to increase freight.
  3. Wait for arrival: Although times and rates depend on the destination your pallet will arrive fast and securely, tracked the whole way and monitored by your account manager. We are experts in shipping to many international destinations – so it is highly unlikely that any delay or other issue will occur.

We can ship worldwide, which makes us a critical partner for many growing eCommerce SMEs – opening a world of opportunity and the chance to expand. Popular destinations include North America, Europe and Australasia.

It does not matter where the final international pallet shipping destination might be, barring a few rare exceptions, as we have plenty of experience in getting your goods across the globe – and always with the most competitive streamlined costs.

How Do You Keep Your International Pallet Shipping Rates Low?

It can be difficult to fathom just how effective our services are – but if you took a look at our infrastructure you would understand how we deliver so reliably. We use the following cutting edge-techniques for fast, low-cost and reliable shipping:

  • Automation: Automation is key, as with a high degree of automation we can greatly boost efficiency and also remove any chance of human error.
  • Expansive fleet: We have an eco-friendly fleet capable of picking up pallets at a time that suits you. We offer time-specific collections, AM or PM.
  • Proof of receivership: Getting proof of receivership is especially important when shipping internationally. We will get it no matter where you ship.

Whether you are looking to expand a small eCommerce business or have a thriving SME that is aching to meet demand on a global stage – we will help to provide you with a bespoke solution.

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You will get outstanding shipping results at the lowest possible costs, so we are the wise choice for any business looking to expand by leveraging our considerable capabilities. We are confident that we can meet any requirements.

Our team can assess your needs and will then give you a free, fast and accurate quote for shipping any kind of item. Please feel free to get in touch with us today to start building your bespoke national or international shipping service.