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The Delivery Group is the most price-competitive pallet delivery company in the UK.

Fast, affordable services with depot hubs across the UK

The Delivery Group is dedicated to providing fast, affordable and secure pallet delivery services across the UK. We have over 40 years’ experience in the pallet delivery and distribution sector and are dedicated to putting the needs of our clients first.

We work from several depot hubs across the UK, with our two biggest located in London and Kent (Aylesford), where over 100,000 packages are processed each month. 

Bespoke Quote

We provide pallet delivery quotes for businesses of all sizes

Our services are tailored to saving you money on transporting and delivering your pallets at both domestic and international levels. We offer a range of delivery speeds to accommodate your requirements, so whether you’re looking for fast two-day international delivery or overnight delivery in London, we can work with you to ensure your needs are met. And all of this comes at one, simple and affordable price.

This means that whether you’re a start-up or small business trying to extend your reach to domestic or international levels, or you run a large corporate business and you require frequent pallet shipments to clients overseas. Our team can accommodate any business delivery requirement and we guarantee to save you money on shipment and postal charges.

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Our pallet sizes

We offer pallets in three main sizes for your convenience

  • Quarter
  • Half
  • Full oversized

Your pallet quote will be based on the size of pallet you choose. However, as all quotes are bespoke, we cannot give a fixed pallet quote price. If your items fit on our pallets, we can send them. We also offer bespoke tracking for your pallets for peace of mind and to alleviate the risk of pallets becoming lost. You will receive your own unique tracking number which you can use at any time to track your pallets at both domestic and international levels. 

10% discount to new customers

We are currently offering 10% off your first month when you quote Pallet10 using our contact form.

What you get alongside a price-competitive pallet delivery quote

Alongside your pallet delivery quote, there are several other perks and benefits to receive at The Delivery Group. We’re always putting the customer first, which is why we offer a range of benefits to make their experience with us not only affordable but convenient. 

Additional perks and benefits include:

24/7 visualisation over your items

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with The Delivery Group is that you receive around the clock visualisation on your palletised items. This is done via a unique tracking code that you can enter at any time and our app will show you the location of your pallet(s). Rest assured all pallets are monitored by our in-house team and you will receive advice and support even during peak hours.

Download our tracking app today.

Save costs with The Delivery Group

Competitive pricing

We pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive delivery companies in the UK. We can match and beat any pallet delivery quote you receive and we will take care of all the paperwork regarding getting your pallets through customs. This means that you have more time to focus on the important aspects of your business. 

By offering bespoke quotes, we are able to offer significant cost savings to our clients and tailor a delivery plan based on their budgets.

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Flexible collection times

We work with you to deliver you pallets based on your exact requirements. Whether you’re looking for fast overnight delivery in the UK or require several pallet shipments overseas and need them to be delivered on certain times and dates, we can adhere to this. We can even deliver at AM and PM-based times. 

Support through peak times

One of the most important aspects of what makes our pallet service easy is our support network. Around the clock, you will have access to online and over the phone support, even during peak times. So, if you want an update on your pallets across Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we are on-hand to offer advice and provide support regarding your pallets

Your own personal account manager

What makes our pallet service so unique isn’t just the bespoke quote, but you will receive your own dedicated account manager. This means you have one point of reference regarding billing, shipping and support over your pallets. A fast, easy, secure and seamless service that puts your requirements first, allowing you to efficiently run your business while we take care of delivering your goods.

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How to book your pallet delivery

Booking your pallet couldn’t be easier with The Delivery Group. We offer pallet services in three sizes; Quarter, Half and Oversized

You must obtain your own pallets and then they will be stacked and wrapped appropriately. Your items must fit within the dimensions and weight requirements of our pallets in order for them to be accepted for shipment. All items are shrink-wrapped to ensure security through transportation. 

To book your pallet or pallets, simply complete the contact form above or by calling us to discuss your requirements. In most cases, we can give you a direct quote over the phone or within one fay of you emailing us via our contact form. If you’re unsure over what you can and can’t place on a pallet, we can also educate you on stacking items.

Get your pallet delivery quote today

Delivery pallets don’t have to be difficult and at The Deliver Group, we strive to provide customers with fast, easy and affordable solutions. Everything about our pallet service is designed to make it easy for you to track and send pallets.

From your free bespoke pallet delivery quotes to tracking your items overseas and receiving proof of delivery through signatures, we provide the most comprehensive delivery service in the UK.

Receive your free, bespoke quote today

The Delivery Group is the most price-competitive pallet delivery company in the UK. Each quote is tailored exactly to your requirements and we provide specialist pallet services to all clients and businesses across London.

Whether you’re a small business or startup looking to expand your market reach across Europe, or you’re a large corporate agency requiring multiple pallet shipments, we strive to provide competitive quotes that guarantee savings across all deliveries.

We guarantee to save you money on your delivery costs, whether you’re shipping pallets domestically or internationally. Our delivery process is simple, fast, and affordable to ensure you can continue running the important aspects of your business.

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