Pallet Delivery to China

Many people believe that shipping pallets from the UK to China is a slow, laborious and costly venture. The Delivery Group have dismantled this stereotype and structured a fully comprehensive pallet delivery service to China.

We deliver anywhere across China

We have been delivering pallets to and from China for over 30 years and have serviced customers all across the country. Our team strives to reach even the most remote locations across China’s vast landscape, from Xinjiang to Fuijan, we cover all locations to ensure swift and secure pallet delivery.

Major cities and locations we regularly deliver to in China include:

Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Guangdong, Shanxi, Hebei, Hong Kong and more.

When required, we work with larger mailing companies such as the Royal Mail to ensure your pallets are delivered to your requirements.

What are you waiting for?

Save money, time and guarantee your pallets safe journey from the UK to China. We guarantee your items will arrive on time, in a fast, safe and secure manner. You can also track your pallets around the clock with our free tracking app.

To book your pallets and start reaching your customers in China, speak to our team today.

Why we’re different

When delivering pallets to China, you want to ensure that the delivery company you’re going for covers these principles:

  • Affordability
  • Speed
  • Security

These three factors are essential when it comes to sending pallets half away across the globe. Our team has worked hard for over 30 years’ to ensure that each of these factors offer our clients the best possible service.

Save costs with The Delivery Group

For affordability

Each pallet is priced up individually, bespoke to the demands of the customer. Our pallets come in the sizes, quarter, half and full oversized. As a general rule, as long as your items fit within the weight, size and dimensions of our pallets, we can send them. 

We guarantee to save you a small fortune when it comes to shipping your pallets and getting them through customs. Doing this yourself would not only cost more but you would have to go through the hassle of the customs paperwork – with us, you do not need to do this.

Truck driving

For speed

We have worked hard to ensure our pallets arrive between 3 – 5 days of collection to offer customers a fast delivery solution to China. However, we also understand that speed isn’t everything and that many clients require specific delivery dates to ensure their items/pallets arrive exactly on time for their customers. This is why we also offer specific am to pm delivery dates. 

For example, if you’re a small e-commerce business looking to send pallets as and when your customers buy your products, we can cater a delivery service to these requirements. Additionally, we also work with larger companies to schedule big shipments (100 pallets +) on recurring dates each week or month. Basically, whatever you’re sending, we’re ready when you are.

Pallets on Blue Metal Bridge

For security

Ensuring your pallet consignments to and from China are handled with the utmost professionalism and security is our top priority. Each and every pallet we collect and deliver is given its own unique tracking number to allow our team to monitor your items’ during transportation. Through our free app, you can also view your pallets’ journey across China at the click of a button. Simply enter your unique tracking number into our app and your pallet losartan will be displayed.

Tracking your items also allows us to make any sudden changes if you require a pallet to be sent back or redirected to another destination within China. Flexibility meets security with our tracked pallet delivery to China.

Don’t forget to receive your discount today!

10% discount to new customers – new customers shipping their pallets front the UK to China can receive a 10% discount on their first order too. Simply quote Pallet10 when completing our contact form.

London hand delivery

Our hubs in the UK

In order for our team to quickly and efficiently reach all our customers in the UK, we have set up several deep hbbs around the country. This allows us to not only transport your goods to and from China, but it speeds up the collection of your pallets. Our HQ is based in London, allowing us to collect pallets from larger companies within the city at a few day’s notice.

We also have a brand new depot set up in Kent, for more information on what we’re doing here, please read on

Calculating your pallets to China

Pricing up your pallet(s) for delivery to China is simple, we take into account:

  • Pallet size
  • Pallet weight
  • The number of pallets you’re sending
  • Its collection and its final destination point
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Packing your pallets

Pallets are designed to stack multiple items, from furniture, to boxed goods such as tools, stationary and documents. As long as it adheres to our pallet size and weight regulations, we should have no trouble sending it.

You will benefit more if your items are stackable, as this might alleviate the need for additional pallets. Also, if your items overhang from the pallet, they may not be able to be shipped due to safety reasons. 

For more information on this, please contact our team.

*Please note: we do not currently provide pallets

The Delivery Group do not currently provide pallets to customers. They can be bought online or at local home stores.

For fast, affordable and secure pallet delivery to China

Delivering your pallet consignments of China no longer has to be expensive and slow. Our experienced team will take care of everything, from collection, to customs sorting to delivery, all compiled into one, simple affordable invoice. 

You will also be assigned your own personal account manager who will take care of all your billing needs and be on-hand to provide advice and support whenever needed.

Track your pallets with speed and safety through our free app and start shipping pallets to your customers today.

Fast & Secure Pallet Delivery to China

Many people believe that shipping pallets from the UK to China is a slow, laborious, and costly venture. The Delivery Group has dismantled this stereotype and structured a fully comprehensive pallet delivery service to China.

We have looked at the time it takes to ship pallets from the UK to China and designed a fast, affordable, and secure process to ensure positive ROI for your company. With pallets arriving in China between 3 – 5 days, we offer the fastest delivery times in the UK.

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