Pallet Delivery to Europe

The Delivery Group is one of the few UK companies that have successfully combined affordable pallet delivery solutions to Europe while being fast and secure.

Pallet Delivery to Europe | Worldwide Delivery Solutions at Affordable Prices

The Delivery Group is one of the few UK companies that have successfully combined affordable pallet delivery solutions to Europe while being fast and secure. 

We specialise in the collection, packaging, transport and delivery of palletised goods across Europe. Our services are open to any business of any size, whether you’re a SME ecommerce business based in Kent or a large corporate agency in London. We tailor bespoke pallet solutions that meet your requirements and save you money on transport to Europe.

How do we do it?

Unlike other delivery companies in the UK, we provide bespoke delivery quotes for each customer and assign them their own personal account manager to take care of every delivery requirement. This allows you to focus on the core aspects of running your business. 

Everything is compiled into one easy invoice. You simply tell us what you’d like sent, the amount, where to and your desired time and date for delivery. And, you can rest assured that your pallets will reach their European destination securely and on time.

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Send your pallets from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in Europe

At The Delivery Group, we can send your palletised goods from your home, warehouse or even your shed, to any destination in Europe to ensure your items reach your customers. We work from several hubs in the UK, most notably our HQ in London and our brand new hub in Kent, where we now process over 100,000 packages each month. 

The cost of delivering your pallets to Europe

Whether you’re sending hundreds of pallets from your London warehouse, or a small number of palletised goods from your home in the Midlands, we provide bespoke prices for each customer’s requirements.

Unlike other UK delivery companies, we do not offer ‘ballpark’ figures for your pallets to Europe. Instead, each customer receives a bespoke quote based on their exact delivery/collection requirements. This means you are only paying for exactly what you need. 

This means not only do you end up saving time and hassle, but also a small fortune when it comes to sending your goods; we take care of the collecting, the wrapping, the transport all the way to delivery. The only item we need from you is the pallet (or pallets)!

What can you send to Europe?

In most cases, as long as what you’re sending fits and stacks appropriately on our pallets, we can send it! It must also conform to our weight and dimension regulations.

Some of the most popular items people send on pallets are:

  • Stationary
  • Small machinery
  • Building materials
  • Domestic goods (washing machines, fridges, etc)
  • Boxed and stackable items

You have full flexibility regarding your chosen delivery time and date. If you’re in a  rush and need to send items to Germany, France, Holland etc, we can have your goods packaged, transported, and delivered within 3 – 5 days. We can also arrange specific dates for your pallets to reach your customers in Europe if required. 

All of this is included in one affordable price.

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Our pallet sizes 

Below you will find the pallet sizes we provide at The Delivery Group:

  • Quarter
  • Half
  • Full oversized

An additional actor that will factor into your bespoke quote is the size of your pallet. As long as your items fit on our pallets and conform to the weight requirements, we can send it. All pallets are individually tracked using a unique tracking number. This means that you will be given 24/7 visualisation over your pallets. From our dispatch hub in the UK, to any port, warehouse or storage centre in Europe, your pallets are tracked every step of the way. 

Download our free tracking app to keep track of your pallets in Europe.

Additionally, we are currently offering 10% off your first month when you quote Pallet10 using our contact form.

Whatever you’re sending, we’re ready when you are  

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The core benefits of our pallet delivery service to Europe

You will take advantage of multiple benefits when you partner with The Delivery Group. Take a look below at more of your unique perks: 

Competitive pricing

You will be hard-pressed to find a delivery company that can match us on our prices. This is because each customer receives a bespoke quote of their palletised goods. Your price is based on your exact requirements.

Flexible collection times

We work around you to ensure your palletised goods are collected and delivered on time. Goods can be sent at any time of the day, am or pm, our team will collect and deliver your palletised goods whenever suits you. We also offer time-specific deliveries, to ensure that your pallets reach your customers are times that are convenient to them. 

Support through peak times

We understand the frustrations that come with not being able to contact delivery companies during busy periods, which is why we created a special team to provide support during busier times. Our staff are on-hand to provide advice and support through peak times. This includes the busiest periods of Cyber Monday and Black Friday. For around the clock updates during busy times, our team is here.

24/7 visualisation over your items

Thanks to our innovative tracking app, we are able to offer our customers 24/7 visualisation over their palletised goods. This means that wherever your pallets are in Europe, you will be able to track their location on our app. Simply download our app here for free and type in your tracking number to discover your items’ live location.

Your own personal account manager

Each customer will be assigned their own personal account manager to ensure their palletised goods are secured. Your account manager will be responsible for everything from billing to providing advice whenever required. They compile your delivery needs into one simple invoice so that you do not have to worry about calculating the costs of sending your items across Europe. 

Preparing your pallets for Europe

Preparing your pallets for collection and delivery to Europe is made simple. You simply pack your pallets with your items, tell us where you would like them to be collected from and where they’re being delivered. Choose from  Quarter, Half and Oversized sizes. 

Note: please remember to source your own pallets as this is not a service we are able to provide. Pallets can be found online or at home depot stores and are usually priced between £10 – £25. Once you have sourced your pallets, we will collect them and shrink-wrap your items to ensure they are secure and ready for safe transportation. 

Booking your pallets

Booking your pallets can be completed by filling out the contact form above or calling our team to book an ideal time, date and location for our team to collect your pallets. You will also need to provide us with its final destination in Europe. 

For affordable pallet delivery to Europe, contact the experts

At The Delivery Group, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the most affordable and hassle-free delivery service possible. With staff on-hand to provide advisor and support through peak times, a liveried fleet to transport all pallets and one simple invoice that covers all European delivery expenses, it’s no wonder why we’re the UK’s leading delivery company.

Once you partner with our team, download our free tracking app to keep up to date with your pallet’s location across Europe.

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