Pallet Delivery to France

Send your pallets from anywhere in the UK

Our team works with all customers across the UK from our six hubs, including our main hub in London and our brand new hub in Kent, where we process over 100,000 packages each month. 

Montmartre, Paris, France

Pricing up your pallet delivery costs to France

From Calais to Bordeaux, we cover all major shipping ports across France to ensure your pallets are delivered securely and on time. 

Our pricing structure differs to other UK companies as each quote is bespoke to the customer’s requirements. This is how we save you money, you tell us what you’d like to store on our pallets, we calculate the weight and transportation route and provide you with one simple quote. It’s as simple as that.

As long as your items fit and stack appropriately on our pallets, we can send it!

You can also choose delivery times that suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a fast three-day turnaround or you’d like your pallets delivered to Paris on a specific time and date we cater for both. Again, all of this is included in one, simple, affordable price.

Receive your free quote today by completing the contact form above or by calling our team and explaining your requirements

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Our pallet sizes 

You can ship your goods to France on the following pallet sizes:

  • Quarter
  • Half
  • Full oversized

An additional factor that will factor into your bespoke quote is the size of your pallet. As long as your items fit on our pallets and conform to the weight requirements, we can send it. All pallets are individually tracked using a unique tracking number. This means that you will be given 24/7 visualisation over your pallets. From our dispatch hub in the UK to any port and delivery warehouse in France, your pallets are tracked every step of the way.

Download our tracking app for free to keep visuals on your items’ journey across France. 

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Whatever you’re sending, we’re ready when you are  

Additional benefits when sending your pallets to France

You will take advantage of multiple benefits when you partner with The Delivery Group. Take a look below at more of your unique perks: 

Competitive pricing

When it comes to delivery pallets to France, we’re confident we can beat or match any competitor’s price. We take everything into account and filter it into one affordable price. From the initial packaging of your pallets to transportation, through to customs and finally to delivery, all of this is covered in one simple invoice. 

Additionally, because each quote is bespoke, there are now ‘ballpark figures’, you are quoted on your exact items and destination, that’s it. By offering bespoke quotes, we are able to offer significant cost savings to our clients and tailor a delivery plan based on their budgets.

Package being delivered

Flexible collection times

We work around you to ensure that your pallets are collected and delivered at a time that suits you. Whether you’re an SME based in Luton and require a few hundred items to be delivered to Bordeaux, or a larger corporate business looking to send pallets of stationary to Marseille, we can cater our services to your needs. This also includes am or pm delivery. 

Account Manager

Support through peak times

We have worked hard on ensuring that our customers are able to reach us during peak times. This means that during busier periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday (when delivery requirements are in high demand), our team will be on-hand to keep you updated regarding your palletised goods. 

Order tracking

24/7 visualisation over your items

As stated previously, you will always have access to your pallets’ location through our unique tracking app. Simply download our tracking app, enter your tracking number and your pallet(s) will appear. Our team will also be tracking your pallet to ensure that it arrives safely and on time at its correct destination.

Your own personal account manager

What makes our pallet service so unique isn’t just the bespoke quote, but you will receive your own dedicated account manager. This means you have one point of reference regarding billing, shipping and support over your pallets. A fast, easy, secure and seamless service that puts your requirements first, allowing you to efficiently run your business while we take care of delivering your goods.

Pallets on Blue Metal Bridge

Preparing & booking your pallets to France

Booking your pallets couldn’t be easier with The Delivery Group. We offer pallet services in three sizes; Quarter, Half and Oversized

You will have to source your own pallets as this is a service we do not currently provide. However, we will stack, wrap and secure your items to the pallet boards (as long as they fit within the pallet dimensions). Once our team has safely and securely shrink-wrapped your items, we will prepare the pallets for transportation.

Booking your pallets

Simply contact our team to detail your requirements (what’s being sent, whether you need collection and/or delivery and where it’s being sent) and our team will do the rest. You can contact us via the contact form above or by calling us and speaking to one of our team members.

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Send your pallets to France today

From port to port, we ensure that your palletised goods will reach their destination in France. We handle pallet consignments efficiently and guarantee to save you money on postal costs. Using high-speed automation we provide highly competitive pricing and a wide range of service options to suit your needs.

Once you make that call and partner with The Delivery Group, you can rest assured that your pallets are in safe hands.

Get your pallet delivery quote to France today

For customers looking for international pallet delivery solutions at affordable prices, The Delivery Group has the solution. We pride ourselves on being the most affordable pallet delivery company in the UK, specialising in the swift and secure transportation of pallets to and from France. This includes timed delivery to ensure that your pallets arrive at their destination exactly when required. Ideal for both small start-ups looking to kick start their business abroad and larger companies looking to partner with a trusted and respected mailing partner. We cater for all businesses looking to send their pallets to and from France.

At The Delivery Group, we guarantee to save you money on your pallet postal costs and alleviate the hassle of having to manage your mail yourself. With us, you can entrust all your delivery needs so you can focus on running the core elements of your business.

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