Pallet Delivery to Poland

For customers looking for the fastest, most affordable, and secure pallet delivery services to Poland, we have you covered.

For professional, affordable & trusted pallet delivery to Poland

All consignments are handled by our in-house team and are handled with the utmost professionalism to ensure timed and safe delivery. 

Once you partner with The Delivery Group, we will help to save money on all your delivery needs to and from Poland. 

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Unrivalled pallet delivery from the UK to all areas in Poland

We deliver pallets to all areas across Poland. No area is too difficult or remote for us to access, from small towns such as Myszyniec, Zubryn and Krasnik to larger cities, including Warsaw, Poznan and Krakow. Whether you need collection, delivery or both, we can deliver the results you deserve,

Major cities and locations we regularly deliver to in Poland include:

Warsaw, Lublin, Poznan, Bydgoszcz, Szczecin, Gdansk, Bialystok, Krakow, Rzeszow, Katowice, Kielce, Konin and many more

We also work alongside reputable mailing companies such as the Royal Mail when transporting your palleted goods.

Why The Delivery Group?

There are several reasons why customers in the UK choose us to deliver their pallets across Europe. We have listed a few of our core benefits below:

Save costs with The Delivery Group

Significant cost savings

one of our primary benefits is that we guarantee to save you money on postal and shipping costs. Not only that but if you find a cheaper delivery quote, we will beat or match it – and exceed it in quality of service.

Truck driving

Fast delivery

At a super-fast 3 – 5 day turnaround, we are the UK’s fastest pallet delivery company. From London, Luton, Hampshire, or anywhere in the UK to Poland, we can have your pallets delivered and signed for within five days.

Order tracking


Every customer will receive a unique tracking number for their pallets. This will allow you to track your items’ journey from the UK to Poland. Simply enter your tracking number into our free app and it will tell you the current location and whereabouts of your pallets. This also helps us keep an eye on where your pallets are if you require any delivery destination changes or require an item to be sent back.

Personal account management

After you have partnered with our team, you will receive your own personal account manager. They will become your main point of reference regarding your pallet billing. They will also be on-hand to offer advice and support over all aspects of your pallet service. Essentially, they take care of all the paperwork, so you don’t have to.

Account Manager

Support through peak times

During busier delivery times, such as the festive periods, black Friday and Cyber Monday, our staff double-up on our support networks. This means that if, for whatever reason, you require aid  or support through these times (maybe you want to send more palleted goods or change a delivery destination).

Package being delivered

Am to pm specific delivery times

Many clients are not simply looking for the fastest delivery option. They may require pallets to be delivered to several cities across Poland at different time intervals. This is a service we provide. Whether you require a monthly rolling shipment ordered to Krakow or simply want to send pallets to your customers as and when they purchase your stock, we cater to both requirements through our flexible am to pm delivery service. 

Our hubs in the UK

The Delivery Group is open to any and all businesses, no matter your budget or size. We work with a variety of companies, from online e-commerce sellers to large UK-based retailers. We work with you to plan a delivery service that suits your budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re only looking to send pallets as and when your customers make an order, we can tailor delivery options that help you get the most out of your investment with us. And your customers will appreciate the fast and secure way in which your items are delivered.

London hand delivery

Our hubs in the UK

To ensure we are able to offer fast transport and delivery services to our customers in the UK, we have several depot locations scattered across the map. Our HQ is situated in the heart of London and this is where the majority of our deliveries to and from Poland take place. Additionally, we have recently opened up a brand new depot in Kent, where we now process over 100,000 packages each month.

Quoting your pallet price to Poland

Pricing up your pallet(s) for delivery to Poland 

  • Pallet size
  • Pallet weight
  • The number of pallets you’re sending
  • Its collection and its final destination point
Pallet Icon

What can go on a pallet to Poland?

Our customers send everything from packed machine tools to stationary and even small machinery. 

As a general rule, as long as it adheres to the size, weight and dimension restrictions of our pallets, we can send it. It’s also preferred if the items are stackable, as this makes it less awkward to wrap and transport (and may save you money if all items can be stored on one board).

We do not currently provide pallets

Pallets can be bought online or at almost any home store, such as B&Q and Wickes. We do not provide pallets to our customers, so you will need to source your own.

*Please also be aware that if your items do not stack appropriately and overhang from the pallet, they may not be accepted for transportation. 

A unique delivery service tailored to your needs

Bespoke quotes

Unlike other delivery and distribution companies in the UK, each customer receives a bespoke quote for their pallet to ensure the best ROI. in addition, we take care of everything detailed in your delivery process. From arranging times to collect your pallets, wrapping them for transport, tracking them and finally delivering them to your chosen destination. 

Significant savings

We also guarantee significant cost-savings when sending your pallets to Poland and alleviate the stress of sorting customs paperwork, allowing you to focus on efficiently running your business.

Fast & time-specific deliveries

We can work to your delivery requirements; whether you’re looking to send pallets from the UK to Poland immediately (our 3 – 5 day turnaround option), or schedule a monthly delivery consignment on a specific time and date, we can do it.

10% discount to new customers

New customers shipping their pallets front the UK to Poland can receive a 10% discount on their first order too. Simply quote Pallet10 when completing our contact form.

Save money today on your pallets to Poland

We make sending your pallets from the UK to Poland easy with our streamlined service. From collection and wrapping your mail to managing it through customs and delivering it to your final destination, we offer a fully comprehensive service that puts your needs first. Save money on your pallets to Poland today with a tailored service from The Delivery Group.

Remember to claim your 10% discount on your first order today by quoting “Pallet10” on our contact form. 

Bespoke Pallet Delivery to Poland | Swift, Secure & Tracked Pallet Service

For customers looking for the fastest, most affordable and secure pallet delivery services, we have you covered.

We have had the pleasure of transporting palleted goods to and from Poland for over 30 years and are well-educated on their transport routes, allowing us to deliver your pallets swiftly and efficiently.

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