Pallet Delivery to Spain from the UK

At The Delivery Group, we make pallet delivery to Spain from the UK fast, easy and affordable.

Popular locations we ship pallets to in Spain

Our team is able to swiftly and securely transport your pallet consignments across the entire region of Spain, even if you are sending pallets to remote areas such as Besalú, Comillas, and Cuenca.

Our most popular delivery locations in Spain include:

Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Seville, Cordoba, Malaga, Salamanca, Burgos, Leon, Bilbao, Zaragoza, and more.

You can rest assured that all consignments are collected, wrapped, transported and delivered by our experienced team. And you will receive proof of delivery alerts to inform you as to when your pallets have arrived at their desired location.

Madrid, Spain

Where we work

Currently, we have a number of transport and delivery hubs scattered across the UK to ensure we’re able to reach all customers. Our HQ is based in the heart of London as this is one of the busiest import/export areas in the country. We have also recently opened up our new hub in Kent, where we process over 100,000 packages each month. 

With over 30 years’ experience in the transport and delivery industry, you can trust that our team is more than capable of collecting, transporting and delivering your palleted goods to and from Spain. 

Making your pallet delivery service to Spain affordable

Unlike other transport and delivery companies in the UK, we provide bespoke quotes to our customers based on their exact pallet requirements. With us, there is no ‘ballpark’ figure, you only pay for what goes on your pallet, and in addition to this, we will save you a small fortune and a lot of hassle when it comes to placing your comments through customs. 

We will also take care of all the paperwork when it comes to sending your pallets, allowing you time to focus on the more important, core aspects of running your business.

Core benefits of sending pallets with The Delivery Group

  • Our free tracking app 
  • 3-5 day delivery time for palletised goods to and from Spain
  • Time-specific delivery including am or pm
  • Extended worldwide delivery solutions (if and when required)
  • Tail-lift delivery
man in warehouse

Working personally with your business

Whether you’re a small ecommerce business just starting up in Kent, or a large multinational corporate agency looking to ship hundreds of pallets a month, we can tailor services catered to your individual needs. We can handle both large and small consignment needs, be it 100 pallets once a month, or 500 pallets every two weeks. We cater delivery solutions to the needs of any business or any size, all over the world.

Order tracking

Tracked for your convenience

As a customer, you will be able to download our free tracking app to allow them full visualisations over your pallet’s live location. Not only does this give you peace of mind regarding your pallet consignments across Spain, but it allows our team to pinpoint your pallet’s exact location 24/7 and redirect the order if required.

Pricing up your pallets

Your pallet prices to Spain are based on four simple factors:

  • Pallet size
  • Pallet weight
  • The amount of pallets you’re sending
  • Where it’s being collected and its final destination

Please remember to source your own pallets. We do not currently sell or provide pallets to our customers but they can be bought anywhere online and at most home stores.

Pallet Icon

What can you place on a pallet to Spain from the UK?

Our pallets come in three sizes

  • Quarter
  • Half
  • Full oversized

And as long as your goods fit and stack appropriately on our pallets and conform to the weight and dimension regulations, we can send them. 

We’ve featured some common items our customers send on pallets for reference. They include:

  • Stationary
  • Small machinery
  • Building materials
  • Domestic goods (washing machines, fridges, etc)
  • Boxed and stackable items

If you are packing your items onto the boards yourself (we do not supply pallet boards), we can collect them from anywhere in the UK, shrink-wrap them for additional security and deliver them anywhere across Spain.

*Please be aware: if your items overhand on the pallets, they may not be accepted for transportation. 

We’re ready when you are

For seamless pallet transportation to and from Spain, make The Delivery Group your first class delivery choice. A combination of flexible delivery times, your own dedicated account management, unique tracking and highly competitive pricing cements us as the UK’s leading delivery and distribution company.

Save money and hassle on your delivery equipment today by getting in contact with one of our team members.

Fast & affordable delivery services through Spain

We pride ourselves on being the fastest delivery option when sending from the UK to Spain, with a mere 3-5 turnaround for palleted goods. This, combined with our affordable and bespoke pricing structure, affirms us as the leading pallet delivery company in the UK. 

*Additionally; if you find a quote that beats ours, we match it and exceed your expectations.

HGV Training

Our delivery services to Spain are ideal for:

  • Start-ups looking to kick start their e-commerce business through affordable pallet deliveries
  • SMEs looking to ship consignments sporadically (whenever your customers make an order, we can send your goods)
  • Larger businesses looking for regular, scheduled pallet deliveries 
  • Or a mixture of any of the above

We work with businesses of all types and sizes to ensure that their pallet consignments are delivered in a fast, affordable, and secure manner.

Pallet Delivery to Spain from the UK | Fast Pallet Consignments

Spain’s import and export is constantly growing, and now reigns as the second largest economy in Europe, worth over 40 billion euros. This is where we come in, to provide exceptional transport and delivery services from the mainland.

Our team has been transporting and delivering pallets to and from Spain for decades, and know the fastest routes to ensure your pallets arrive in just 3 – 5 days after the collection date.

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