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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions.

Parcel delivery services – options from the UK to the World

The Delivery Group offers a diverse range of parcel delivery services that are designed to suit your specific needs. Our parcel delivery experts pride themselves on offering delivery and courier services that are sculpted around convenience and flexibility in order to best benefit our clients.

Our dedicated parcel delivery team ensures that each parcel is handled and delivered with the utmost care. We aim to provide a personal touch to our services, removing the veil so you can put a human face to our brand, as well as offering a range of services that suit your needs nationally, and internationally.

Our worldwide and UK parcel delivery services enable you to send parcels for delivery anywhere in the world the very next day. Whether you’re sending something personal to a relative or a friend, or you need to outsource fulfilment for your eCommerce business, The Delivery Group offers cost-effective services with unparalleled quality.

How much are parcel delivery services at The Delivery Group?

The Delivery Group is the UK’s number one choice of parcel delivery firms for cheap parcel deliveries. When shipping nationally and internationally, there are no predetermined prices for your parcel.
That’s right, in order to keep costs low for you, our prices are completely bespoke to each parcel. This means that the cost of shipping is determined by factors like:

  • The parcel’s weight
  • The dimensions of your parcel
  • The speed of your chosen service
  • Whether or not it is a high-value item

In order to keep things convenient for you, you can arrange for one of our specialist parcel couriers to come to your chosen address and collect the parcel, completely eliminating the need to take time out of your already busy day to go to a post office or designated drop-off point.

We will not be beaten on price when it comes to parcel delivery services in the UK and internationally. We have close partnerships with renowned mailing companies, including Royal Mail, which will ensure you receive the best possible prices for parcel couriers and parcel delivery services on the market.

Parcel delivery across the UK

Where you’re sending parcels to in Norway, we have you covered. From the smaller towns such as

When opting for parcel delivery services in the UK, we have a wide range of delivery options on offer that are designed to meet any of your specific requirements.

Has a customer asked for next day shipping on your eCommerce store? Does a friend need something this week within the next two days? From next day delivery and two-day delivery services to sending parcels 1kg and over, we can guarantee a reliable parcel delivery service throughout the UK that is tailored to your needs as local businesses, independent senders, and everything else.

International parcel delivery services

When you choose The Delivery Group for worldwide parcel delivery services, your choices of destination country are not limited by any means. You can send parcels to the most far-flung reaches of the globe, all with flexible delivery options that are always fantastic value for money. 

The best thing about this is, due to our close relationships with multiple mailing companies globally, our trusted partners have the knowledge and years of experience required to make your parcel deliveries go as smoothly as possible.

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Tracking: The world at your fingertips

When you send a package nationally within the UK, or internationally, you can check where your parcel is at any time with our handy tracking tool. To find out where in the world your parcel is, what stage it is at in its delivery, and even the delivery time for when it is due with your customer, simply enter your unique tracking number into our online parcel finder, and you’ll have all the relevant information pertaining to your parcel delivery in a matter of seconds. 

If you’re a customer waiting to receive a package from a sender, you’ll need to get in touch with the sender for the parcel tracking number. 

If you’ve bought goods via an eCommerce store, it should be in the order confirmation email you received from your chosen retailer.

Parcel Delivery With The Delivery Group

If you’re looking for efficient and cost-effective ways to send parcels around the UK, and internationally, The Delivery Group is here to help. As one of the best parcel delivery companies in the UK, we have parcel services that can be tailored to your specific needs, and shipping rates that are completely bespoke to your particular shipping journey, our experts will do all they can to make your parcel delivery experience the best it can possibly be. 

Interested in choosing The Delivery Group for our parcel delivery services? Get in touch with us today.

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Where in the world does The Delivery Group deliver to?

When you choose The Delivery Group, you have access to every continent on Earth. Our international delivery services are able to reach more than 240 countries and overseas globally.
This means that, as long as your recipient’s details are written correctly, we can get whatever you need to over 99.5% of the global population.

Is it possible to send more than one item in the same parcel?

It certainly is. All you have to do is make sure that each item in the parcel is individually wrapped and protected with the appropriate packaging materials in order to ensure the safe arrival of your items – especially if they are fragile. If you’re not confident that your items will arrive safely if they’re bundled together, sending in multiple parcels is always a safe option.

What items can I not send with you?

When shipping nationally, and internationally, there are two kinds of item that can cause problems with the delivery process. These are:

Restricted goods – which can only be delivered if certain criteria are met.

Prohibited goods – which cannot be accepted for delivery at all.

These restrictions and prohibitions are in place because certain items have the potential to be dangerous. This means that, if you attempt to send a parcel containing prohibited or unauthorised goods, we would either: 

  1. Return the package to you, or… 
  2. Destroy the parcel

If you have items that you’re planning to send, please make yourself aware of what can and cannot be sent in the mail. The Royal Mail has a helpful guide on prohibitions and restrictions. 

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