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International parcel collection and delivery

The team at The Delivery Group provide businesses with safe and secure parcel delivery at both domestic and international levels. With 160 delivery vehicles, uniformed couriers and flexible collection and delivery options, we guarantee secure transportation of your items.

We provide parcel service solutions to businesses of all sizes. From small companies and start-ups to large corporate businesses, we design delivery solutions tailored to your exact requirements.

A few of the services we offer are:

  • Domestic and international parcel delivery
  • Bespoke tracking system and number for constant parcel visualisation
  • Proof of receivership
  • Secure transport of important and fragile parcels
  • Next day delivery (locally)
  • Personal hand-delivery into the building
  • Significant cost savings

We offer a number of services tailored to provide solutions to a variety of different mailing requirements. We also use a bespoke tracking system so we know where your mail is at every step of the transportation process. We aim to provide an elite parcel delivery service in the UK and abroad.

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international hand delivery mailing service
unsorted mailing delivery

For unsorted mail

Small businesses and start-ups will benefit from our unsorted mailing option. Ideal for companies looking to send smaller mail and fragile items in low numbers and expand their reach on both domestic and international scales.

About this service


Clients are able to monitor their items’ delivery process through our innovative tracking system. This system ensures safe and secure delivery and visualisation of your mail, from door to door.

We have 160 vehicles and a uniformed delivery team dedicated to the fast and safe transportation of your items. We also provide bespoke mail and parcel collection services tailored to your needs.

For companies looking to expand their reach on both domestic or international levels, our unsorted mail and parcel shipping service is the solution. For more information, please speak with our team.

For pre-sorted mail

For companies who require a streamlined, fast and efficient mailing and delivery solution.

This service is aimed at businesses looking to send over 4,000 items at domestic and international levels.

About this service


Using an innovative tracking system, you will be given full access to your items’ transportation and delivery route. From door to door, you can monitor your items’ route until reaching their final destination. Convenient collection and delivery options are also provided, for a flexible mailing solution tailored to your requirements. You will also be provided with accurate management information and high SLA agreements.

Rates will differ depending on your specific mailing requirements. Our flexible collection and delivery service means every service is priced differently. For time-sensitive deliveries requiring specific collection and delivery, for example, may cost slightly more. We also take into account location (domestic or international delivery), the amount of items and the size etc.

For more information, please speak with our team.

pre-sorted pallet delivery
international pallet delivery

International hand delivery

Ideal for companies looking for the safest door to door mail and parcel delivery service in the UK.

Our uniformed couriers collect and deliver your important documents and items and guarantee fast and safe delivery across the UK and abroad. This is the safest and most secure parcel courier collection and delivery service in the UK.

About this service


Tailored collection and delivery based on your specific requirements. Covering a total of 21 locations, our uniformed mail and parcel carriers and 160 delivery vehicles guarantee hand delivery on a global scale. This service also bypasses international tracking costs, saving you money. We work alongside authoritative mailing industries (including the Royal Mail) to provide a secure and prioritised mailing service.

For more information on our bespoke hand-delivery mailing service, please get in touch with our dedicated team.

UK & International courier service

Operating on both domestic and international scales, we provide clients with flexible collection and delivery solutions across the globe.

This is a bespoke service, meaning each client is charged differently depending on their specific requirements. By providing information such as delivery times, collection points and the types of item you are looking to send, we will be able to provide you with a direct quote.

This service includes:


  • Tracked overnight deliveries
  • Online visualisation of deliveries
  • Guaranteed UK overnight delivery services (via our partnership agreements)
  • Pallet deliveries
  • 160 vehicles with a uniformed delivery team

For more information on our international mailing service, contact our team.

International parcel delivery Service
ecommerce from the delivery group

Packets and parcels

Ecommerce and other online businesses seeking to send items domestically and internationally should select our packets and parcels service.

Our packet and parcel carriers in the UK provide a fast and discounted service to ecommerce and online businesses, saving money and time on your delivery services. We cater to companies selling through Amazon, eBay and Etsy and other online retail sites.

Quotes on delivery and collection can be provided once you get in touch with our team and provide information on collection, location and delivery.

This service includes:


  • Around the clock service and support for the transport and delivery of your items.
  • Management and information reporting
  • Flexible delivery and courier collection services
  • 72-hour delivery time guarantee
  • Your own personal account manager

Contact our team today for more information on how we can streamline your ecommerce business through our packets and parcel company in the UK.

For a safe and secure parcel delivery service

The Delivery Group is the trusted mailing and parcel delivery company in the UK.

For bespoke collection and delivery services with around-the-clock support and tracking, please speak with one of our team members today.

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  • What is pallet delivery?

Pallets are commonly used to support and transport goods that require being lifted via forklifts or machinery capable of lifting heavy items. Goods that are placed on pallets are usually secured using shrink wrap to ensure no goods fall off and/or cause injury during transportation.

  • How high can a pallet be for shipping?

Most pallets are not able to lift or transport items over 1.52 metres, however this also depends on the weight, strength and sizes of the cargo being transported. All cargo must be shrink-wrapped for safe and secure transportation.

  • What is a pallet rate?

It essentially eliminates the need to weigh each item before it’s placed on the pallet and shipping costs. As long as the goods you’re transporting fit onto the pallet and it weighs less than a specified weight, you can send it. For example, it would cost you the same to ship one bicycle as it would to ship four bicycles (as long as they fit on the pallet). If your items fit onto the pallet, – the main benefits of flat rate pallet shipping is that less time is spent on quoting, the pricing structure is consistent and it’s generally more efficient for both parties.

  • What size is a pallet in the UK?

The standard pallet size in the UK is 1.2 x 1.0 metres. Pallets come in a number of types (block, double-face, flush pallets etc) and come in a variety of materials (plastic, metal, wood etc).

  • Why are pallets used?

Pallets provide solutions to transporting heavy or large amounts of goods in a safe and secure manner. Their stacking capabilities and boxed structure make them very efficient and provide cost-effective solutions to shipping large volumes of goods.

For more information on our pallets, please get in touch with our team.

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