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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers shipping parcels to and from Germany.

Berlin, Germany

Fast & Affordable Parcel Delivery to and from Germany

Germany remains one of the most renowned trade hubs across the globe. It currently sits as the third largest importer and has access to ports in both the Netherlands and Luxembourg. This means fast and simple delivery for customers looking to send parcels from the UK to Germany.

Nuremberg, Germany

Our parcel delivery service in Germany

The Delivery Group specialises in making parcel delivery to Germany fast, simple and affordable. With over 35 years’ experience in the transport and delivery business, we have the industry know-how to deliver exceptional results to your business. Whether you’re a small SME looking to send parceled goods to Frankfurt, or a multinational looking to partner with a reputable courier service for consistent, scheduled deliveries, we cater to all businesses. 

We understand the hassle that can come with German customs and the paperwork that comes with delivering parcels internationally, which is why you will receive your own personal account manager when you partner with us. We alleviate all the hassle and stress that comes with delivering your parcels to Germany and we’ll even save you money on postage costs.

Where we deliver to in Germany

We have been delivering parcels to Germany for a number of years and our uniformed drivers are well-versed in the fastest transport routes across Germany. We deliver to all locations, from the larger cities like Leipzig and Frankfurt to the smaller locations, including Kiel, Schleswig and Cuxhaven.

Below are just a few locations we cover in Germany

  • Frankfurt
  • Leipzig
  • Berlin
  • Dresden
  • Hanover
  • Hamburg
  • Bremen
  • Dortmund
  • Cologne
  • Dusseldorf
  • Mannheim
  • Karlsruhe
  • Stuttgart
  • Augsburg
  • Munich
  • Potsdam
  • Magdeburg
  • and more!

Quickfire benefits you receive after you join

There are a number of unique benefits you will receive through our service, but to summarise, you will receive:

  • Significant cost savings on postal and customs charges
  • Hassle-free process
  • A 72-hour delivery guarantee for all parcels shipped to Germany
  • Sorted and unsorted parcel delivery solutions to Germany
  • Tracked parcels throughout offline network (and tracking app)
  • Flexible collections from our uniformed drivers
  • Proof of delivery and signed options available

Let’s talk more about how we can streamline your business’s delivery process and save you money.

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We work with all businesses

Although we are one of the longest-serving and largest delivery companies in the UK, our services cater for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. Whether you’re a startup looking to extend your market reach to Germany and this is your first time partnering with a delivery company, or you’re a bigger agency that requires scheduled deliveries to be made every week or month, we cater to all requirements.

We even have a service tailored to ecommerce businesses, more on this later.

Don’t pay a penny more for your parcels to Germany!

First, we will not be beaten on price when it comes to sending your parcels to Germany, we work alongside reputable mailing companies such as the Royal Mail to ensure we provide customers with the fastest and most affordable delivery solutions. Your parcel costs are never ‘rounded up’ and we don’t offer ‘ballpark figures’, you only pay for what you’re sending.

Your overall price is compiled into one small, simple invoice.

Your parcels to Germany are always tracked

All parcels are scanned and tracked from the UK to Germany. This ensures that your parcels are never lost in transport and are tracked up until delivered to the recipient. Additionally, customers can also download our free tracking app to keep an eye on their orders to and from Germany. Being able to track and remain updated on your items’ journey across Germany is helpful for many and provides frequent updates on delivery times and changes to orders.

Your goods are tracked through our network to ensure safe and secure transportation to a specified location. This is done through our own internal network but all customers have access to our free downloadable tracking app. Simply down our app, enter your tracking number and it will tell you whereabouts your parcel is in Germany.

Package being delivered

Superfast & am to pm delivery to Germany

With a turnaround time of just 72 hours (or less), we provide one of the fastest parcel consignment services in the UK. We also offer am to pm delivery options for customers who require parcels collected and delivered at specific times. Simply inform our team as to where and when your parcels need to be collected/delivered and we’ll do the rest. 

Ideal delivery service for ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce businesses in the UK searching for a simple, streamlined delivery service to take care of their billing, delivery management and be on-hand to provide advice at peak times will benefit from our ecommerce service. 

Put simply, your ecommerce business will benefit from:

  • Bespoke management information and reporting
  • One simple invoice
  • Visibility of billing options and invoice reconciliation
  • High speed seamless tracking throughout our network
  • Unrivalled support through peak times
  • One personal dedicated account manager
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Our depots across the UK

To help reach customers swiftly, we have six depot hubs located around popular areas of the UK. Our HQ is based in London, which is where the majority of our operations take place. More recently, we have opened a hub in Kent that now processes over 100,000 parcels every month.

Our depots in the UK are based in:

  • London
  • Kent
  • Warrington
  • Derby
  • Luton
  • Bristol

Send your parcels to Germany today

Our team is ready when you are, simply get in touch via our contact form or call us directly on the number above to discuss your delivery options. You can rest assured that your parcels will arrive safely and securely in Germany with our team.

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