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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers shipping parcels to and from Bulgaria.

Pirin National Park, Bulgaria

Send Parcels to Bulgaria with The Delivery Group Today

Customers looking to send parcels to Bulgaria from the UK will benefit from our competitive prices, quick turnaround times and exceptional service.

With over 25 years’ experience in the mailing and delivery industry and personal account managers who oversee all delivery and mailing requirements, you can trust our hassle-free service is perfect for your business.

We understand that speed and security are the most important aspects of any delivery company, which is why we have placed a strong focus on ensuring we’re the fastest and most secure service out there. Our bespoke tracking service guarantees around-the-clock visualisation over your items and you can download our free app from Google Play Store. Additionally, we offer fast turnaround services to ensure your parcels arrive in Bulgaria on time.

We work with you to ensure your mail and delivery requirements are met we’re always on-hand to offer expert advice and support whenever you need it.

Where can we send parcels to in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a beautiful country that has strong relationships with trade partners across the rest of Europe. We have a good relationship with Bulgaria and work alongside renowned mailing couriers such as the Royal Mail to ensure your parcel delivery requirements are met. 

Below are just a few of the main areas we send parcels to in Bulgaria: Plovdiv, Sofia, Pernik, Pazardzhik, Pleven, Veliko, Shumen, Dobrich, Ruse, Montana, Vratsa, Haslpvp. Burgas, Varna, Bansko and more.

Sending your parcels to Bulgaria with The Delivery Group

We make sending parcels to Bulgaria affordable and stress-free. Take a look below at a few of the reasons why you’ll benefit from partnering with The Delivery Group:

Packets and Parcels

Significant cost savings for e-commerce and other businesses

We place a firm focus on providing e-commerce business in the UK with significant cost savings when it comes to parcel delivery to Bulgaria. Alongside ethos, we also offer 72-hour delivery guarantees, sorted and unsorted solutions and a range of delivery speeds to suit your needs. 

Additionally, if you are quoted a delivery price to Bulgaria that’s cheaper than what we’ve offered, we will match it and beat it in terms of quality. 

* Terms and conditions apply for price competitiveness, for more information, please contact our team. 

Benefit from your own personal account manager

One of our more unique benefits is that you will receive a dedicated account manager to oversee all aspects of your delivery needs. From overseeing billing, paperwork and taking care of customs, to providing advice and support over peak times, including Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays.

Tracked for your convenience

As previously mentioned, we utilise our own tracking app that offers customers 24/7 visualisation over their parcels to and from Bulgaria. After you’ve partnered with us, your parcels will be assigned a personal tracking number that you will be able to enter into our app to track your items. We will also personally oversee your parcel’s transport using our in-house tracking technology. If you ever need information regarding your parcel’s whereabouts or would like to make a change to your order (such as selecting a new address), please let our team know ASAP so we can redirect your parcel.

International delivery

Fast delivery at no compromise of quality

We pride ourselves on offering one of the fastest delivery routes from the UK to Bulgaria. With parcel delivery taking just two days, we assure that your customers will receive their goods on time. We also offer time-specific delivery, meaning you can elect to have your parcels picked up at any time from a specified location and delivered anytime and day you want.

We also offer express delivery which gets your parcel to your customers ASAP.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Sofia Bulgaria

Addressing a package to Bulgaria

As with addressing any European country, it’s important you correctly label the address to ensure your items arrive at the specific destination. Bulgaria’s address labelling system is fairly straightforward, but we’ve provided a basic example below for you to copy.

Basic example

First name & last name of the recipient

Street + premise
Postcode and locality

Put into practice:

Asmir Begovic
Aleksandŭr Ekzarh
4000 Plovdiv
Bulgaria (REP.)

London hand delivery

Our depots across the UK

The Delivery Group works from a  variety of depots around the country to ensure we’re able to reach our customers quickly to collect and transport their parcels. Our HQ is based in London, where we see the majority of our operations take place. This is seconded by our Kent depot, which is a newly-built warehouse that now processes over 100,000 parcels every month.

Other depots we have in the UK are:

  • Warrington
  • Derby
  • Luton
  • Bristol


Do I need to deal with customs in Bulgaria?

While we are still part of the European Union (EU), you will not have to pay for or deal with customs when sending parcels. However, when we leave, we will still deal with customs in Bulgaria for you.

Where do you send parcels to in Bulgaria?

Our fleet can collect, transport and deliver parcels anywhere in Bulgaria. Simply provide us with an address and your collection and/or delivery preferences and we will get to work.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Bulgaria from the UK?

UK prices for sending single parcels to Bulgaria range from £8 to £20 depending on factors such as weight, volume and delivery speed. However, at The Delivery Group, every consignment to Bulgaria is priced individually and we work with renowned mailing couriers to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.

To receive a free, bespoke quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today

How long does it take to send a parcel to Bulgaria?

With a range of delivery speeds available, we can deliver your parcel based on your requirements. Our fastest speed is our “express delivery” option, which should see you parcel delivered to Bulgaria in just two days. 

Send your parcels to Bulgaria today

For fast, affordable and hassle-free parcel delivery to Bulgaria, get in touch with our team today. Simply contact us with your requirements via phone or email and oru team will get back to you ASAP with a free bespoke quote if you’d like to talk through your options with our team, call us using the number above or email your enquiry using our contact form.

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