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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers shipping parcels to and from Croatia.


Send Your Parcels to Croatia Swiftly with The Delivery Group

Sending parcels to Croatia made easy via The Delivery Group. Everything about our delivery service is made simple to save your business time, money and hassle. We have a fantastic relationship with Croatia and work closely with renowned mail couriers (such as the Royal Mail) to ensure we’re able to offer the best prices and fastest delivery speeds.

We work with a variety of businesses across several industries to help them get the most out of their mailing campaigns. Whether you’re a small eCommerce business looking to extend your market reach, or an established business looking to send consignments on a monthly or weekly basis, we tailor delivery campaigns to suit your requirements and budget. We’re also price-competitive, so you can rest assured we’ll find you the lowest prices when it comes to shipping parcels to Croatia.

In short, we make mailing to Croatia, fast, affordable and stress-free. Everything about our service is tailored to making your life easier and allowing you to run your business without disturbance.

Our experienced couriers are able to deliver parcels to any area of Croatia, from the small settlement of Suza to the capital Zagreb. We’ll also work to find the fastest speeds and the best prices to ensure a positive ROI for your business.

Below are some of the key areas we deliver to in Croatia. 

Zagreb, Sisak, Kutina, Virovitica, Koprivnica, Dakovo, Osijek, Pozega, Zadar, Makarska, Split, Rijeka, Pula, Karlovac, Varazdin, Cakovec and more

For more information on the areas we deliver, transit times and cost, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

Why Choose The Delivery Group?

There are a variety of benefits to take advantage of after you partner with our team. From significant cost savings on parcel shipping to Croatia to having your own personal account manager overseeing your mailing requirements and providing support across peak times.


Express and timed delivery

Whether you require express deliveries or you’re looking for specific collection and delivery dates, we cater to both markets. Our express parcel delivery service to Croatia ensures that your parcels arrive at the fastest rate, which is typically 1-3 days depending on collection times and whereabouts in Croatia your recipients are located. 

Our time-specific delivery services allow you to choose collection and delivery times and dates. For example, if you’re an eCommerce business based in London and you require a large consignment to be collected from Hammersmith at 8am and delivered to Zagreb a week later at 3pm, we can provide this service. Whatever delivery requirements you need, we can help with.

Packets and Parcels

Personalised mailing to make your life easier

Upon partnering with our international couriers, you will receive your own personal account manager who will oversee all aspects of your delivery needs to Croatia. They will take the time and stress out of handling your parcels, this includes dealing with customs clearances (when required), provisioning updates on your parcels’ journey, providing on-hand support and advice and cutting the stress and time out of the process in general.

They will also be able to offer updates across peak times, including Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays.


Cost-effective & streamlined mailing for eCommerce businesses

We work hard to find the best prices to ensure we remain the most competitive delivery company in the UK, and this extends to eCommerce businesses. Upon joining, you will receive:

  • Guaranteed 72-hour deliveries across Croatia
  • Around-the-clock tracking
  • Support through peak times
  • Collections to suit your needs
  • Advice and support from your account manager
  • Sorted and unsorted parcel solutions

You can learn more about the benefits we offer eCommerce businesses over on our eCommerce page.

Our own app that tracks your parcels from the UK to Croatia

In today’s market, it’s unheard of for a delivery company to not have online tracking. However, The Delivery Group have taken this one step further and developed our own independent tracking app. Free to download from both Google Play Store and iOs App Store, our app is extremely easy to use and provides real-time updates on the whereabouts of your parcel to Croatia. 

  1. Download our app 
  2. Enter your tracking number
  3. Receive on-the-spot updates on your parcels to Croatia

You can also contact our team regarding the whereabouts of your parcels by calling the number at the top of this page.

Hand Delivered Package

How to Label Your Parcels to Croatia

Knowing how to correctly label a parcel to Croatia is the difference between it being delivered to Croatia and being sent back to the UK for wrong formatting. There are some small differences between labelling a parcel for a UK address and a Croatia address. We’ve outlined a basic example below for reference:

Basic example:

Recipient name or business name

Locality (village or hamlet)

Floor and door (if necessary)

Street and building

Country name

Put into practice:

Petr Mandzukich


Horvatova 23A

21000 SPLIT


If you need any help labelling your parcels to Croatia, please do not hesitate to ask our team for help.

Green leafed trees in Dubrovnik Croatia

Send Your Parcels to Croatia Today

Sending parcels to Croatia is made easy with The Delivery Group. Everything about our service is streamlined to ensure swift, secure delivery and unrivalled service as and when you require it. If you find another price or are quoted lower than we offer, let us know so we can match it and exceed the quality of service.

Get in touch with our team today to receive your bespoke quote and start saving money on your parcel deliveries to Croatia today. 


Do I need to deal with customs in Croatia?

The Delivery Group will handle all customs services, regulations and requirements so you don’t have to. There are certain prohibitions and restrictions you need to be made aware of before sending your items, for more information, read this article.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Croatia from the UK?

Each parcel and consignment is based on a variety of factors, including speed of delivery, volume weight, destination and more. We do not offer ballpark figures because we need to know what you’re sending. To give a rough estimation, you can expect to pay within the region of £15 for a 2kg parcel.

Get in touch today for bespoke pricing and guaranteed savings on your parcels to Croatia.

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