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For over 30 years, we have been working hard to find affordable, fast, and secure delivery solutions for customers shipping parcels to and from Egypt.

Giza Necropolis, Egypt

Shipping to Egypt the Easy Way

Are you looking to expand your business from the UK and into Egypt? Or are you simply looking to send parcels to Cairo and further into Egypt and Africa to friends and family? Here at The Delivery Group, our team of experts can provide efficient and cost-effective delivery and courier services throughout Egypt and the UK. So when you send a parcel from the UK to Egypt with The Delivery Group; you know you’ll be getting the best parcel delivery service to Egypt possible.

Have you sent a parcel internationally before? Whether it’s your thousandth time, or your first time, sending a parcel internationally; our expert customer services team can help with any issues or queries you may have with round-the-clock support. We aim to provide the best services available on the market, so when it comes to getting your package from A to B securely; you know it’s in good hands with The Delivery Group. You’ll also have the opportunity to track your parcel on its journey into Egypt with its own unique tracking number, so you and your recipient can leave the house without fears of missing the parcel as you’ll know exactly when it should arrive.

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Why Choose The Delivery Group to Send a Parcel to Egypt from the UK?

Here at The Delivery Group, our team of couriers and delivery experts are all well versed on the ins and outs of shipping, this means that we can get your packages to Egypt at the lowest possible rates with our bespoke pricing method. Any package, large or small, can be picked up from anywhere in the UK and delivered in Egypt within one working week; all at specific times.

We offer a variety of shipping methods to suit any budget and time urgency too, including economy, express, and time-specific, as well as your choice of mail carrier. Need your package picked up in Birmingham at 14:30GMT and delivered in Cairo at 10:30EET? We can make that happen.

Our services stretch throughout Egypt, and even further afield into Africa; some popular locations include:

Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Giza, Hurghada, Port Said, Sharm El-Sheikh, Mansoura, and many more.

Shipping with The Delivery Group ensures that your package arrives within five working days, at the most cost-effective rates on the market.

What can you Send in a Parcel to Egypt?

When sending to Egypt, you must not send any item viewed as unlawful or prohibited. Prohibitions and restrictions enforced by your shipment’s destination must be complied with, however, these prohibitions and restrictions vary from country to country, and items on their prohibited items list can sometimes apply to items that you may think are ordinary.

The information below is provided in good faith, but The Delivery Group is not responsible for it, and it should only be viewed as a guide.

Some Restricted items include:

  • Live animals; animal products
  • Fish and crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic invertebrates
  • Dairy produce; birds’ eggs; natural honey; edible products of animal origin, not elsewhere specified or included
  • Vegetable products
  • Live trees and other plants; bulbs, roots and the like; cut flowers and ornamental foliage
  • Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers
  • Edible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons
  • Coffee, tea, maté and spices
  • Products of the milling industry; malt; starches; inulin; wheat gluten
  • Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds and fruit; industrial or medicinal plants; straw and fodder

For an expanded list of prohibited items and restrictions for UK to Taiwan shipping, please visit Royal Mail’s website, Please refer also to the Universal Postal Union’s online prohibitions search tool and the Egyptian Post Office website.

Packets and Parcels

Addressing Parcels for Postage to Egypt

When shipping to Egypt, it is essential that you correctly label the address in order to ensure it does not become lost in the post, or sent back to you due to incorrect labelling. Below, we have labelled the correct way on how to ship packages and deliveries to Egypt.

Postcode coding method:

Example – ‘12411’

  • The ‘1’ is the region
  • The ‘2’ is the province
  • The ‘4’ is the type of service
  • The ‘11’ is the delivery area/post office

Layout of an address:

  • Addressee name and title,
  • Thoroughfare number, type, and name,
  • District,
  • Governorate name,
  • Postcode,

In practice:

  • Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Salah
  • 30, Rue Ahmed Orabi 
  • Al-Mohandessine 
  • GIZA 
  • 12411
  • EGYPT 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team; we can explain everything thoroughly so you can easily understand the entire process of shipping to Egypt.

How Much Does it Cost to Send a Parcel to Egypt?

When you start shipping internationally with The Delivery Group, you will see that we offer the most cost-effective rate on the market. In order to achieve this, we utilise our extensive knowledge about shipping and deliveries to offer bespoke shipping costs which are completely tailored to you. These costs are determined by a few variables, such as weight and dimensions, in order to bring you the cheapest rates when you send a parcel to Egypt and internationally.
Shipping with The Delivery Group is the cheapest way to ship to Egypt. To see the cost of shipping to Egypt for your parcel, contact us today so we can find you the best price.

Benefits when you Send a Parcel to Egypt with The Delivery Group

When shipping with The Delivery Group to Egypt and beyond, you can expect to receive access to a number of benefits you won’t see anywhere else. We have a wide range of benefits in order to make the entire shipping process as easy and smooth as possible.

Here are a few of our favourite benefits which you can expect when you choose us:

Personal Account Managers:

Dealing with paperwork when shipping internationally can ruin anyone’s experience, especially when there’s a tree’s worth of paper to sign due to customs charges and clearances. When you ship with The Delivery Group, all that paperwork becomes a thing of the past. Your personal account manager will always be in the know about the details of your delivery, so they can quickly, and accurately, fill out your forms when you send a parcel to Egypt so that you don’t have to deal with Egyptian customs yourself. They are also available to answer any queries relating to your shipment, so if you have an urgent question or request in relation to the delivery of your item; they can take care of it with ease.


Are you an eCommerce Business? We can help with that:

If you have an online business, we will work to make sure you receive the best delivery service for the benefit of your business. We can offer multiple benefits to aid your business trade overseas:

  • 72-hour deliveries
  • Proof of delivery
  • Bespoke management information and reporting
  • High-speed tracking throughout our network
  • And more

For more details and benefits, check out our page on sending parcels as an eCommerce business.


Express and Time-Specific Deliveries:

We pride ourselves on providing the most convenient and efficient service on the market, so when you start shipping to Egypt from the UK with The Delivery Group, we offer multiple shipping options, standard, express, and time-specific, to suit any budget.

We can collect your items in the UK and deliver them to Egypt all at specific times. Our extensive knowledge of our field is what enables us to offer these delivery options for our clients. If you need a shipment to Egypt collected in Blackpool at 15:00 GMT and delivered in Cairo at 12:30 EET on your chosen date; our expert team of couriers and shipping experts can make sure that happens.

From door-to-door, we can ensure the safe arrival of your items in as little as one working week.

Fully Trackable Deliveries and Shipments With Help from our App:

Here at The Delivery Group, when you choose to start shipping to Egypt with us, you will receive access to accurate real-time shipping updates via our app or straight to your email address; so you’ll know where your parcel is and what stage it is at in its delivery at all times. Whether you’re shipping to Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia, or Oceania, you can track your delivery anywhere in the world with your unique tracking number.

Contact us Today to Send Your Parcels to Egypt

Here at The Delivery Group, we do everything we can to tailor our services to your needs in order to streamline the whole process of sending a parcel to Egypt from the UK. Our cost-effective, fast, and secure delivery services and couriers can benefit you when shipping anywhere in the world, and our worldwide tracking services can put your mind at ease. For the lowest, bespoke, international shipping costs, and hassle-free shipping:

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